Snoring remedies

All remedies for the treatment of snoring can be divided into medical, surgical, mechanical, and general prophylactic.  

The simplest and cheapest are general prophylactic agents. These include special exercises for the muscles of the tongue and lower jaw . If the muscles are trained, then even in a relaxed state (in sleep) they maintain tone, thus reducing the vibration of the soft palate, uvula and preventing snoring.  

Also, the most important treatment is to reduce body weight . In the presence of breathing disorders during sleep, an increase in body weight by 10% from the initial one can worsen breathing parameters by 50%. Significant weight gain can lead to the transition of uncomplicated snoring to the dangerous and unpleasant disease of respiratory arrest during sleep. Conversely, a weight loss of 5-7% is often sufficient for uncomplicated snoring in order to completely eliminate snoring without any additional intervention.   

Smoking cessation is also a cure for snoring . Smoking causes chronic trauma to the airways at the level of the pharynx, leading to swelling of the airways, which in turn contributes to worsening snoring.  

Positional treatment can also be used to stop snoring . Typically, snoring occurs when a person is lying on their back. There is a simple remedy to unlearn this. A special pocket is sewn onto the back of the night pajamas to hold a tennis ball. In this case, every attempt of a person sleeping in such pajamas to lie on his back will end with waking up and turning on his side.   

Pharmacological treatment for snoring is drug Nazoneks (Nasonex) . The agent has a local anti-inflammatory, anti-edema effect. Difficulty in nasal breathing can significantly increase snoring and provoke the onset of respiratory arrest disease during sleep. Nasonex instillation before bedtime in some cases leads to an improvement in nasal breathing and a decrease in snoring. Other drugs are less effective.    

Mechanical anti-snoring devices are various intraoral applicators that cause the mandible to move forward, increase the anterior-posterior pharynx size, make breathing easier during sleep, and sometimes stop snoring. 

There are other ways to get rid of “noisy sleep”: surgery CPAP therapy , etc. The optimal treatment method should be selected by a physician. This is a prerequisite for successfully stopping snoring. Snoring is treated according to the cause that led to its occurrence, and it can only be identified with the help of a medical examination.    

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