Acne treatment

People experience a lot of inconvenience due to acne (acne): first of all, it is ugly, uneven skin and the psychological discomfort associated with it, which people with acne-prone skin inevitably experience.

At the consultation, experienced cosmetologists individually select the optimal acne treatment methods for each patient, taking into account the patient’s age, skin quality and type, and other important factors. Treatment of acne and blackheads is carried out only according to proven methods, the latest effective certified drugs, unique equipment are used.

Acne treatment methods depend entirely on the severity of the disease. Modern medicine offers various methods of treating acne and post-acne:

  • face cleaning;
  • microdermabrasion;
  • peelings;
  • mesotherapy;
  • phototreatment;
  • thermoplastic masks and many others.

All of the above methods are prescribed only after consultation with a doctor.

Ultrasonic facial peeling cleanses the skin of impurities, dead cells, sebum, blockages of the sebaceous glands, removes acne and comedones. It removes only the most superficial layer of the skin, cleanses the skin of acne, smoothes its surface. Ultrasonic peeling is indicated for those who have mild acne with superficial contamination of the pores. Ultrasonic cleaning improves blood circulation, which naturally hydrates the skin. Ultrasonic cleaning gives a good lifting effect by increasing the density of the dermis. Under ultrasound, the muscles are toned and massage occurs at the cellular level, microcirculation is restored and the walls of blood vessels are strengthened, nutrition and oxygen supply to the muscles and facial skin are improved.

In addition to peelings, the polyclinic provides ultrasound therapy – phonophoresis with drugs that prevent inflammation and moisturize the skin to maintain the results achieved and restore the protective properties of the skin after various procedures. This procedure is often carried out in combination with other therapeutic effects.

For people with a protracted course of the disease, phototherapy is most often the ideal solution: it has a greater effect than conservative treatment, and gives the result of skin cleansing much faster.

The light used in phototherapy significantly improves the condition of the skin, relieving it of acne, dilated blood vessels and pigmentation related and unrelated. The result is achieved due to the antibacterial action of the generated ultraviolet radiation, which can be used as the main method of treatment for deep skin lesions with acne.

The light used in the 320 nm range renders bacteria unviable, while this part of the spectrum does not cause sunburn or sunburn. Therefore, artificially obtained ultraviolet affects the skin much softer than sunlight, and can be applied for longer to achieve excellent results in the shortest possible time.

Acne treatment with conservative methods lasts from 2 to 6 months. After undergoing the second phototherapy treatment (10-14 days after the start of treatment), patients with deep acne show a significant improvement in appearance. The number of sessions is prescribed by the doctor during an individual examination and can be from 3 to 6 stages with an interval of 10-30 days. Within a few weeks of using this method, you get healthy, even skin and a beautiful complexion.

Phototherapy acne treatment does not cause discomfort. The phototherapy procedure is carried out without contact of the device with the skin, and therefore it is safe, which is especially important in the treatment of acne on the skin of the face. Immediately after the procedure, you can return to your normal rhythm of life and continue your daily activities.

Mesotherapy is also used in ankh and can be aimed at achieving different results. In this case, special preparations are injected subcutaneously, the composition of cocktails may include preparations not only for the treatment of acne, but also for moisturizing the skin, preventing aging, etc. Mesotherapeutic cocktails in each case are selected by the doctor individually, depending on the individually designed acne treatment program.

A series of chemical peels can be used to treat acne and even out skin texture. The polyclinic uses different concentrations of acids, which allows you to perform both deep peeling, which eliminates acne and the consequences of acne (pigmentation and post-ank), as well as the most effective skin rejuvenation, and light peeling to constantly maintain skin tone.

All methods have some contraindications and are prescribed only after consultation with a doctor. It is important that with any therapy, in order to achieve a sustainable result, strict adherence to all prescriptions of the attending physician is necessary. Having completed a full course of treatment and taking good care of the skin, you can achieve excellent results and keep them for a very long time.

Cosmetologists and other doctors of the polyclinic individually approach the problems of each client and carefully select procedures, paying special attention to the individual characteristics of the patient’s skin and body, and take into account other treatments prescribed by other specialists.

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