Snoring medication

Modern pharmacology recognizes the urgency of the problem of snoring and is constantly looking for a cure that will help solve it. How realized can this undertaking be considered at the present time?  

Snoring is a repetitive resonant sound that occurs during sleep and is caused by vibration, shaking of the walls of the palate and pharynx. It appears if the tone of the muscles of the airways in a dream is excessively weakened and / or if the patient has a narrowing of the pharynx due to various reasons (anatomical features, obesity, etc.). The appearance of snoring is facilitated by swelling of the mucous membrane, its inflammation, and dryness. How can medications help with all this?   

Currently, only a few drugs can be described as “ snoring drugs ”.  

A medicine such as Asonor is often used for snoring. The composition Asonor include glycerol, polysorbate 80, sodium edetate, potassium sorbate, sodium chloride, purified water. This simple composition has an emollient effect. The sliding of the mucous membranes of the palate and pharynx during breathing is improved, their dryness and clumping are reduced, and this can reduce snoring. For best results, you should refrain from eating and drinking for half an hour before and for half an hour after using the product. It is used once a day, before bedtime. Asonor can be used even by pregnant women.       

Other drugs such as Doctor Sleep ex, Silence, Sleepex are often more effective. They contain not only emollient, but also anti-inflammatory, decongestant, local tonic components. All this has a complex beneficial effect on breathing during sleep. 

With allergic rhinitis, adenoids, chronic tonsillitis, Nasonex can give a good effect. It is a local hormonal drug.

Unfortunately, today there is no cure for snoring that would help absolutely all “snorers”. Moreover, in general, the effectiveness of the drugs can be called low, only a few note a good result of their use. The causes of snoring are too serious and varied. With complicated snoring ( obstructive sleep apnea syndrome , a dangerous disease accompanied by snoring and respiratory arrest during sleep), drugs are generally completely ineffective.  

Treatment for snoring and sleep apnea is not always medication-related. And in order to plan the optimal therapy, each person with snoring needs an individual approach: a doctor’s consultation, examination, interpretation of the results and drawing up a treatment plan. Only in this case will the fight against snoring end in absolute success.  

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