Treatments for snoring

Treatment for snoring depends on the underlying causes . Consider various options for dealing with this disorder.   

There is such a thing as anatomically conditioned snoring. For example, people with a small jaw, shifted back, always snore: the peculiarity of the structure of their skull leads to a decrease in the anteroposterior size of the pharynx. In such cases, treatment may involve the use of a special intraoral device made by dentists (reminiscent of a boxer’s mouthpiece).   

The device is inserted into the mouth in a certain way before going to bed and pushes the lower jaw forward. The size of the airways at the level of the pharynx increases, which reduces or completely stops snoring. Treatment with intraoral devices must be carried out continuously. If you experience pain, discomfort in the temporomandibular joint, you should consult your doctor. 

When the tongue falls back in sleep or the tone of the muscles of the tongue and pharynx decreases too much, snoring appears, which can be stopped by using another device, which is called EXTRA-ENT . In appearance, it resembles a baby pacifier. As a result of using this product, the tone of the tongue and the muscles of the pharynx increases, and the resonant vibrations of the soft palate are reduced. In about 65% of people with uncomplicated snoring, snoring disappears.  

 Sometimes, treatment can be carried out with special medications. For example, the Asonor tool is very popular . The substances included in the preparation have a tanning, anti-inflammatory, tonic and antiseptic effect. It is recommended to use ASONOR before bedtime. There are other drugs for snoring. Unfortunately, all of them are often ineffective.   

In addition to the listed methods and means, there is surgical treatment for snoring, CPAP therapy , positional treatment, weight loss, and much more. 

Snoring has more than 20 causes, and the same patient often has several of them combined. Each reason, each combination “relies” on its own method of treatment or their combination. An anti-snoring program will only be effective if a sleep doctor participates in its planning and implementation By examining the patient and prescribing the most effective treatment for him, the doctor will help to achieve a crushing victory over snoring. 

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