Interesting facts about insomnia

Sleep plays a very important role in the life of any person. Every 24 hours a person should sleep, and the optimum sleep time is 6.5-7.5 hours. However, unfortunately there is a very large group of people who suffer from various   sleep disorders . This prevents them from having a fresh and blooming look in the morning and really prevents a happy life.

Violation of night sleep, medical science calls the term   insomnia . There are many different types of insomnia.

Sleep disturbance

Conservatory disorders, or in ordinary language,   violation of falling asleep . The cause of presomnic disorders can be various experiences or fears after the events experienced during the day. Sometimes a person cannot fall asleep after having scrolled the past day for the thousandth time, especially if he made serious decisions during the day, participated in important meetings.

This situation is familiar to many people – after some unpleasant conversation, we cannot fall asleep all night because of what we think, how it was necessary to conduct a dialogue, what words could have been avoided, and what to say to the interlocutor. Behind these reflections a person may not notice how the hand of the clock has passed for 3 nights, and soon you have to get up for work. Just as often, pain or discomfort due to chronic diseases can be a cause of sleep problems. Most often this affects older people who have behind them luggage from the accumulated   diseases  and often resorting to taking sleeping pills because of this.

Intrasomical sleep disorders

Intrasomical disorders, or sleep disorders that occur during it. A person falls asleep easily and quickly, but in the middle of the night he can wake up and he cannot fall asleep again within a few hours. Sometimes this is repeated several times during the night. The causes of such violations can be nightmarish dreams, disorders of the respiratory system (shortness of breath, attacks of breathlessness, severe snoring), heart and blood vessels (pain in   heart, cardiac asthma). It can also be caused by excessive sensitivity to external stimuli, such as noise, some loud sounds or music, which are heard from a neighboring apartment or room.

Postsomnic disorders, or disorders arising after sleep

A person falls asleep well and sleeps for several hours, but as a result, wakes up early in the morning at 4-5 hours and can not sleep anymore. In this case, he does not have the feeling that he slept and rested. He feels fatigue, weakness, no sense of physical cheerfulness, bad mood.

There are many reasons for sleep disorders, but mental or physical overwork is the most common. Often suffered during the day   stress at work, from driving a car or problems in your personal life leads to sleepless nights, which further aggravates the situation. But do not forget that the cause of insomnia may be specific diseases of the nervous system or internal organs. In case of a long-term sleep disorder, a consultation of a neurologist, therapist and psychotherapist is required, which will help determine the cause   insomnia   and prescribe the necessary treatment.

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