Amber glasses save insomnia

Scientists from Columbia University have suggested that evening drinkers at a computer use glasses with amber-colored lenses.

Despite all the warnings of doctors, 90% of Americans actively use various gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, etc., during an hour before going to bed. Such devices are equipped with LEDs with a peak wavelength in the blue part of the spectrum to illuminate screens. But it is known that blue light suppresses melatonin production and, as a result, leads to insomnia.

The researchers suggested that selectively blocking blue light would improve sleep. The experiment involved 14 people suffering from insomnia. For a week for two evening hours they put on tinted   glasses   with amber-tinted lenses or with clear lenses as a placebo.

It turned out that amber lenses increase sleep by 30 minutes. In addition, participants wearing yellow glasses reported improved sleep quality and decreased insomnia.

Scientists point out that many smartphones have settings that allow you to switch from blue to amber. If there is no such function, then you should decrease the brightness of the gadget or use amber glasses to protect against blue light. In the future, researchers hope to use amber lenses to prevent cardiovascular events in hypertensive patients.

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