Insomnia in phlegmatic people

Phlegmatic people are distinguished by slowness, calmness, weak manifestation of external feelings.

Someone who can be envied is phlegmatic people. They are believed to be immune to many central nervous system disorders. Usually, stress is experienced without strong emotions. They sleep well and a lot, they hardly suffer from insomnia. Sleep disturbance in this type of people is very rare, in some cases after suffering a severe infectious disease. In such cases, it is sufficient to take general measures to combat insomnia. Drinking warm milk at night, airing the room, a light dinner, a walk before bedtime, dim lighting in the bedroom, etc. Insomnia in phlegmatic people can also be successfully treated with music. Listening to a quiet and lyrical melody helps to fall asleep quickly.        

Exercise is also the main means of fighting insomnia in phlegmatic people. Active movement: walking, hiking and physical gymnastics can be used not only to restore health, but also to ensure a sound and healthy sleep. At the same time, a huge effect is achieved with a successful combination of physical activity with natural factors – fresh air and water.  

One of the ways to treat insomnia in phlegmatic people is the use of herbal medicine. The effect of using herbal teas in the fight against insomnia occurs after 2-3 weeks of constant intake of herbs. However, before taking this or that collection, you should consult a specialist about the presence of contraindications to herbs that are part of the recommended herbal collection .

Reception of herbal infusions can be successfully combined with medicinal baths. The most effective warm baths 35-37 degrees, lasting 15-20 minutes.

In the treatment of insomnia in phlegmatic people, hypnotics and antidepressants are extremely rarely used . Accepted strictly as prescribed by a specialist. Phlegmatic people in the treatment of insomnia are recommended to replace medicines with infusions or decoctions of herbs: mint, motherwort, etc.    

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