Insomnia in pregnant women

One of the most joyful moments in a woman’s life – pregnancy – can be overshadowed by insomnia. According to statistics, 78% of pregnant women suffer from insomnia throughout the entire period of pregnancy, 97% – only the last 3 months, because The enlarged uterus presses on the bladder and other organs, causing pain. Another reason for insomnia in pregnant women is an uncomfortable position on the bed due to the abdomen and movement of the child.                 

Ailments in pregnant women are individual. There are many recommendations for preventing insomnia in women “in position”:   

  1. Sleep on your side rather than your back to avoid putting pressure on your diaphragm.     
  2. Sleep in a well-ventilated room, preferably with a window open.   
  3. Before going to bed, free yourself of the liquid inside to avoid frequent nighttime urge to urinate.  
  4. Use a long, soft pillow or a special pregnancy pillow (wedge-shaped, placed under the belly).
  5. Before bed, take a warm lavender oil bath and drink warm milk (water) with honey.   
  6. Listen to relaxing music in bed or read a book. 
  7. Do not eat at night .   
  8. Breathe deeply and slowly as you fall asleep .  
  9. If you have leg cramps, take a foot bath and massage your feet and lower legs. After that, put on warm socks, even if the house is warm.   

Among these tips, choose the ones that will work for you and consult your doctor about their use. Nor in any way to take sleeping pills or other medications!        

From the very morning, you should already start the fight against insomnia, because the quality of sleep depends on the day lived. In a day not peretruzhdaetsya, or to the evening you will not be able to relax. Try to exclude daytime sleep for a while, or at least shorten it. Talk to a close friend of nightmares , if they torment you. Walking is considered beneficial before bed. Make it a rule to enter the bedroom only for sleeping (it’s a kind of mental attitude), and in the day not to lie on the couch with a book or just watching TV. Never chew on accumulated problems before bed. Pleasant music helps to strengthen the nervous system (choose a direction to your liking), which also has a beneficial effect on the baby.       

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