Insomnia in children

Young mothers often take care of their children’s sleep. How much should or can a child sleep? It is not possible to answer this question unequivocally. This answer is hidden in each child individually. Some children sleep a lot and some very little. Your child is healthy, fed, dressed and well-groomed, his room is constantly ventilated. Then you can let the child sleep as much as he wants.

Most children fall asleep quickly from infancy and sleep a lot. But some do not sleep much or very little. Doctors in such cases advise mothers not to worry especially.

The older your baby is, the less he sleeps. Each child has their own sleep schedule. After the first year of life, the baby sleeps only twice during the day. By the age of one and a half, he switches to a regular one- time nap . At two years old, a child can already sleep less than the body requires. This can be caused by excitement, anxiety, joy, etc.  

There are some very simple rules for eliminating insomnia in children. The process of going to bed should be pleasant for the child. For a tired toddler, sleep should be a pleasure, not an unpleasant duty. Preparing him for bed must be fun, but adamant. Psychologists recommend that it is better to lead a child under 3-4 years old to the crib by the hand, and not urge him on with shouts.

You can also let your child take a favorite toy into the crib. Perhaps she has a calming effect on him and does not make him feel lonely.

From 2 years of age, a child may suffer from insomnia due to nervous tension caused by fears of loneliness or wetting the bed, fear of the dark, etc. Not only adults, but also children can have nightmares. It has been found that terrible childhood dreams are often associated with the loss of a parent or a foster child.

A preschool child needs 12 hours of sleep at night and 1-2 hours of sleep during the day. The duration of daytime sleep decreases by 6 years, but the duration of the nighttime remains the same. By age 9, a child’s nighttime sleep is reduced by one hour. By the age of 12, the child can be laid one hour later, i.e. at 21.00. Each child, starting from 2 years old, is an independent and complex person. Some children need more sleep, others less. Many children refuse to sleep during the day. In such cases, daytime sleep is not required, you just need to replace sleep with calm activities and slow games.  

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