Diseases that provoke insomnia

Normal and healthy sleep provides rest for our body, it also plays a major role in metabolic processes. Growth hormone is released during sleep, and it also aids in the processing and storage of information. Sleep is the surest way to restore immunity. Finally, sleep adjusts our body to changes in light.

Insomnia is an ordeal for the human body. But it does not arise by itself. There are a number of diseases that cause insomnia. Sleep disorders can be caused by neuroses, psychosis, organic brain damage, including encephalitis, epilepsy, somatic diseases and infectious diseases. With neuroses and alcoholism, sleep disturbance is a constant symptom. Insomnia can also be the result of obesity or physiological changes in the body.     

A strong emotional state that causes stress can also affect our sleep. Mental disorders – neuroses and depression cause chronic insomnia .      

Alcohol abuse, i.e. alcoholism also has a detrimental effect not only on a person’s overall health, but also on his ability to sleep soundly. It has been established that alcoholism has a destructive effect on all human systems and organs. As a result of the systematic use of strong drinks, a painful addiction to alcohol develops. A person loses a sense of proportion and control over himself. Metabolic disorders, as well as the toxic effects of alcohol, cause damage to the patient’s nervous system, manifested in mental disorders. Almost everyone suffering from chronic alcoholism has constant or total insomnia. 

Drug abuse people can also provoke insomnia. People suffering from drug addiction, fearing pain, discomfort, insomnia and other painful conditions, especially overly impressionable, prone to anxiety and other neurotic manifestations, not realizing the danger that threatens them, increase the dose and frequency of drug use. Further worsening their own condition. 

The indisputable fact is that only in a dream a person can fully rest and restore the body. Sleep disturbance and lack of sleep lead to poor quality rest, each time the human brain does not get enough sleep. If this continues for a long time, then, definitely, due to chronic insomnia, chronic fatigue occurs.

If you cannot fall asleep for several days in a row 15-20 minutes after going to bed, then you already have problems with sleep disturbance. When simple methods for insomnia no longer help: drinking warm milk at night, quiet music and a calm atmosphere, etc., you need to consult a doctor. Stress prevention should start with traditional and non – drug treatments .  

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