Insomnia reasons

Insomnia is one of the most unpleasant phenomena in a person’s life. You get up in the morning and realize that the night has passed completely useless. But this is half the trouble, the worst thing is a whole working day ahead, and to start it there is no strength, no desire, no mood. If insomnia overtook you for the first time, well, or does not bother you so often, then there is a hope that it will soon pass, most likely, this is due to severe fatigue or a large number of emotions accumulated during the day. But if insomnia has become your faithful companion, whom you do not want to see by your side, this is not only necessary, but                     you just have to fight.

We are surrounded by many different external stimuli that affect our moral and physical condition. Sleep helps a person disconnect from the outside world and its irritants, which ensures the body’s rest. Sleep is the final station that we need as well as air.       

In this article, we will try to analyze as many of the causes of sleep disturbances as possible, conventionally dividing them into two categories: chronic and temporary. In order to cope with a problem, you need to deal with its root, that is, the cause.         

There are two main causes of insomnia, cited by experts, which require compulsory treatment. These causes are related to chronic disorders .  

The first reason is mental disorders. It is dangerous because it greatly aggravates the human condition. It turns out a kind of vicious circle: severe stress, prolonged depression, neuroses , etc. lead to chronic sleep disorders, and sleep disturbance, in turn, is all the more permanent, even more irritates the nervous system, which introduces a person into an even greater depressive state.         

The second reason is chronic mental overload. This is common among scientists and thinkers. It is also inherent in creative people, whose work is associated with the need to give out something new and creative every day . Such people always work better at night, this is due to the fact that many associate this time of day with calmness and tranquility, often it is at night that inspiration, original ideas and solutions to complex problems come . But such an organization of the day is detrimental to our body, especially if after a sleepless night you need to go to work. Signs of mental fatigue are a constant desire to sleep during the day, when night comes, sleep disappears somewhere, weakness and rapid fatigue, even with minimal stress.              

These reasons need treatment, you can’t leave everything to chance.  

There are many more temporary causes of insomnia. In First of all I would like to note that we are all so different that we need an individual approach to all matters relating to our body. There are a number of common reasons, but their combination and presence is determined purely by your personality.          

What can disturb sleep?

  • neuroses, stress, depression, experiences, an abundant stream of thoughts , etc., are the first to hit our sleep.      
  • Changes in time (one hour forward, backward) and the change of seasons also have an effect on our body. The transitions to summer and winter time, as scientists from different countries emphasize, exacerbate various cardiovascular diseases , etc. The change of seasons also does not pass without a trace. The spring period is especially difficult, at this time depressions are aggravated, fatigue quickly sets in and the lack of vitamins passes hard.           
  • uncomfortable bed, pillow or pajamas, poorly made bedding. During our sleep, many microorganisms accumulate in the bed linen and in the mattress, which leads to pollution. It is recommended to change bed linen every 7 days, pillowcases more often. This seemingly insignificant factor can significantly affect the quality and availability of sleep. It is more pleasant to sleep in fresh bedding, and sleep comes faster.               
  • Drinking caffeinated beverages also affects sleep. You should n’t drink natural strong black coffee, tea , etc. if you plan to go to rest in a couple of hours.       
  • overeating at night. Do not gorge yourself before bed, especially fatty foods. This disrupts not only sleep, but also the functioning of the body. The body decreases its activity during sleep, so do not force your stomach to work when it should rest.        
  • drinking alcohol and smoking before bed also affects many negatively.  
  • A poorly ventilated room and stale air make it difficult to fall asleep and cause a feeling of tiredness and heaviness in the head in the morning .      
  • Noise, irritating odor and light also interfere with sleep and cause irritation.  

Insomnia has never brought pleasure to anyone , it only spoils the mood and knocks down all plans, you definitely need to fight it. If the causes of insomnia are not so thorough and do not require special treatment, then a few simple tips will help you:       

  • drink a mug of warm milk with honey before going to bed , this drink is not only very tasty, but also healthy, it helps to relax.     
  • for two hours before sleep, try to finish all the important things related to brainstorm   
  • ventilate the area well and change the bedding. 
  • reading books before going to bed helps many to fall asleep, preferably not “heavy” and pleasant.  
  • turn off the TV and listen to calm instrumental music. 
  • just relax and try to leave your worries behind. 

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