Insomnia in melancholic people

Sleep disorders in melancholic patients occur with severe fatigue, neurosis, severe experiences and some other diseases. The melancholic cannot sleep because he is very excited, full of impressions, or simply does not want to sleep. In other cases, he really wants to sleep, but as soon as a person lies down, sleep immediately disappears from any external stimuli.

The melancholic is often convinced that he can fall asleep only under certain conditions, for example, in complete silence or darkness. The more he focuses his own attention on external stimuli, the more anxiety increases, as a result, even the slightest sound or other disturbance prevents him from falling asleep.

Melancholic people are characterized by increased sensitivity and relatively insignificant external expression of feelings. They should pay particular attention to the quality of food, which should consist of dairy products and cereals. Vegetables are useful, coffee and strong tea are harmful at night. An hour before bedtime, you can drink warm milk with the addition of crushed almonds. Natural juices also improve sleep quality.

Closer to sleep, you need to give up watching action movies, reading books, long phone conversations or discussing topics and problems that can raise. Bedtime should be early, around 10 pm or 11 pm. It is better to ventilate the room before going to bed .

A hot bath will help you relax and promote sound sleep. But medical baths and water procedures should be prescribed only by a doctor. Melancholic people are helped by pine baths or baths with the addition of essential oils, which have a beneficial effect on the nerve endings, and the color and smell have a calming effect on the central nervous system.  

Alternative treatments for insomnia are also recommended for melancholic patients. The method of meditation can be used to influence psychologically and treat insomnia in melancholic people. It is necessary to develop a method of relaxation of the body and distraction from the problem called “I will sleep or not sleep.” 

The general recommendations of auto-training are as follows: first, relaxation of the whole body with the suggestion to bring oneself to a state of rest. The next step is to achieve a feeling of warmth. After the mental impact on the body, you can finish the meditation with light exercises and self-massage.

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