Insomnia causes arrhythmia and stroke

Restless sleep can significantly worsen your health.

Lack of sleep has a very negative effect on human health, as well as insomnia, when it would seem that you do not want to sleep at all. So say researchers at the University of Michigan, who conducted scientific work, the main participants in which were people with insomnia. It turned out that in people with restless sleep, the risk of atrial fibrillation was 29% higher than in those who regularly get enough sleep and have no sleep problems .        

Interestingly, it was those participants who complained of frequent awakenings at night that had the highest risk of atrial fibrillation, since such restless sleep puts additional stress on the heart. Indeed, during sleep, the heart rate slows down, and a sharp awakening contributes to the strongest load, therefore, when this happens several times a night, negative consequences cannot be avoided. Experts note that insomnia also increases the risk of other heart problems, such as heart failure. That is why doctors advise fighting insomnia, for example, increasing physical activity during the day and reducing caffeine intake.       

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