How you can beat insomnia?

In the previous article, we talked with you about what insomnia is. This is indeed a very unpleasant and dangerous phenomenon. Today we will talk with you about how to avoid it, and how to deal with it.      

Prevention of insomnia

The main cause of insomnia, 80 percent , in the modern world is stress. Therefore, the main method of prevention is stress management. A person should learn to relieve stress correctly, avoid stressful situations.   

Proper nutrition is also very important – not to overeat before bedtime, physical activity is important – throughout the day and especially before bedtime. Take a walk before going to bed. No wonder they say that the one who is well awake sleeps well.      

In our time, a very important cause of insomnia is the use of various gadgets. It is well known that the screens of computers, tablets, phones shine with a bluish light, which interferes with the production of melatonin, because of this, the time of falling asleep is shifted, and getting up is equally early. As a result, the rhythm of sleep is disrupted, and in severe cases, insomnia can occur.    

Insomnia treatment

For a start – how not to treat it. You should not try to fall asleep with alcohol. Of course, it has a hypnotic effect, but it is quite short and gives way to arousal. As a result, you may wake up at three in the morning and will not be able to sleep. I’m not even talking about the development of the habit of drinking before bedtime and other health risks of alcohol.             

Two tactics are used to treat insomnia. The first, in severe cases, is the appointment of sleeping pills. But even in this case, they must be prescribed for a short period, so as not to become addictive. In addition, there is no ideal sleeping pill – all modern drugs on a ten-point scale do not even reach five points.         

Therefore, all over the world there is a trend towards the use of behavioral therapy, special techniques that gradually normalize sleep. It is more reliable but takes more time. Alas, many people demand pills, taking the “easier route”. Although, in any case, insomnia is easier to prevent than to cure later.     

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