Insomnia affects life expectancy

The results of a new study in men by scientists) showed that some symptoms of insomnia are associated with an increased risk of death.  

Scientists have proven that even small changes in a woman’s lifestyle have a positive effect on pregnancy.  

Many women have difficulty carrying a baby, from anemia and urinary tract infections to more serious conditions such as pre-emclapsia and early labor.   

However, collaborative work by researchers in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand suggests that changing certain lifestyle factors (such as eating more fruit before pregnancy and maintaining a healthy weight) can increase the likelihood of a normal pregnancy ending.  

To obtain these results, the researchers analyzed data from 5628 healthy women with one single pregnancy. 3,196 women lived in Australia and 2,432 in the UK and Ireland.   

The analysis was performed from 15–20 weeks of pregnancy in order to identify factors that may be associated with a decrease in the risk of complications.   

Pregnancy was without complications in 61% of women (3452). Scientists have defined this as “a normal pregnancy with childbirth later than 37 weeks, which ended with the birth of a live child with normal gestational weight and proceeded without significant complications.”     

The most common complications of pregnancy were infant weight too low for gestational age (11%), pregnancy hypertension (8%), preeclampsia (5%), and spontaneous early labor (4%).

Women with a favorable course of pregnancy differed in normal weight and normal blood pressure. To maintain these indicators in the norm, it is enough to follow the recommendations of specialists, do gymnastics for pregnant women, eat more fruits and vegetables, reduce coffee consumption and spend more time in the fresh air.   

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