How much sleep do you need? Healthy regimen

A person needs sleep every day, but usually people only care about the amount of sleep, not about its quality. How to get yourself a good sleep?    

A person needs sleep every day, but usually people only care about the amount of sleep, not about its quality. How to organize yourself a healthy sleep? Marina Khamurzova, post-graduate student of the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Russian State Medical University, neurologist of the City Clinical Hospital No. 12, talks about the rules of good sleep.     

“It ‘s not a secret for anyone that a calm, full sleep is always a guarantee of vigor, good mood and physical well-being, ” says Khamurzova. “For example, recent research by American doctors suggests that women who are chronically sleep deprived get fat faster.”         

Here are some basic rules for healthy sleep.

Observe the regime

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No matter how ridiculous it may seem. Try to go to bed at the same time all days of the week , even on weekends. And preferably no later than 10 pm.     

On weekdays, this is easier to do, since most of us get up for work at about the same time. But even on weekends you can get used to getting up “by the alarm clock”. Healthy vigor did not bother anyone even on Saturday morning.        

Develop reflexes

Program your body to sleep. For example, do some light gymnastics, read a few pages from a thick book, or drink a glass of kefir every night. In a couple of weeks, the body will get used to the fact that after these actions it can relax and rest.   

Before going to bed, it is useful to take a warm aromatic bath or a contrast shower – it is the best for relaxing and setting you to sleep.    

Main quality

“Strive for quality sleep, not to get more sleep, ” notes Khamurzova. Each person needs a different amount of sleep. Some sleep for 5 hours, and that’s enough for them, and some feel rested only after 10 hours of healthy sleep. Therefore, do not seek to sleep longer if you don’t feel like it anymore .        

Many are familiar with the feeling that they have slept too long. It is accompanied by general weakness, mild headache, and apathy.

“These sensations arise due to the fact that all internal organs have already slept and rested, they are ready to work, ” the neurologist comments, “and we, continuing to sleep, do not give them such an opportunity. On average, 7-9 hours a day is enough for an adult to sleep , but again, sleep time is very individual. ”         

Food to sleep is not a friend 

A hearty dinner, as well as tonic drinks – strong tea, coffee, orange juice – interfere with good sleep. Eating plentiful, and especially fatty foods will keep your digestive system working while your brain rests, preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep.       

But, on the other hand, going to bed on an empty stomach is also not entirely correct. Before going to bed, it is advisable to eat something light: low-fat kefir, vegetable salad, fruit. But it is advisable to have a full dinner no later than 4 hours before bedtime.        

Take care of your bed 

“If your mattress is too small, too high, soft or hard, you will feel uncomfortable sleeping on it , ” says Khamurzova. “You need to choose a mattress that provides good support for your spine.”   

But the most important thing is the pillow. By the choice of pillows Treat responsibly. If you sleep on an inappropriate pillow, then during sleep the cervical vertebrae are in an unnatural position for them, the muscles of the upper back and neck are tense, and the blood supply to the brain becomes slow and defective.      

Hence, problems arise with headaches in the morning and with chronic fatigue throughout the day.    


“The less clothes , the better the sleep, ” explains Khamurzova, “choose the most comfortable sleepwear, even at the expense of beauty.”    

Clothing should not be tight-fitting, should not interfere with movement. The best option is cotton or linen. Wash your sleepwear at least twice a week.     

Open the vents

There must be fresh air in your bedroom, so be sure to ventilate the room daily or open a window before going to bed. The optimum temperature for sleeping is 22-25 degrees.   

Get up immediately

You should not lie in bed after waking up, even if it is still quite dark outside and the clock shows very early morning.   

“The fact is that from this moment the brain begins to be active, ” says Khamurzova, “and by trying to force it to fall asleep again, you only make it worse.”    

The most important thing about sleep 

Proper sleep begins in the evening – with a ventilated room, a not very full stomach, a favorite book and a warm shower. It is best to sleep on a comfortable mattress and properly selected pillow in loose clothing made from natural fabrics.     

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