Doctors uncovered the dangerous effects of insomnia

The US National Institute of Health reported that it has been proven that insomnia is very dangerous to health. Scientists conducted tests that proved the effect of sleep problems on different organs of the human body.

The study involved 20 healthy volunteers whose ages ranged from 22 to 72 years. Volunteers underwent a full examination, which showed how sleep problems affect health.

At the same time, it turned out that even one night without sleep affects the state of the body, the whole point is that in such an even short period of time, the concentration of beta-amyloid – the protein that forms plaques in the brain of the patients – increases greatly in the body.

So, it turned out that one night without sleep can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. This is a disease that occurs in older people and leads to problems with memory and brain function. Now, scientists are confident that it can develop precisely because of problems with sleep, even if it was a one-time problem. 

And if this problem occurs regularly, then beta-amyloid accumulates in the tissue fluid of the brain as a result of the natural activity of cells. During the tests, the researchers found that in all volunteers, the amount of protein increased regardless of gender, age and genotype of the participants. Thus, the danger of insomnia was proved.

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