Lack of sleep reduces male potency, and girls deprives orgasm

A recent study showed that lack of sleep lowers the girl’s sexual activity. For many women who are married, a lack of regular sex can be a serious problem. Scientists have proven that lack of sex is associated with insomnia.

Girls who suffer from the fact that their young people do not sleep at night should pay attention to their testosterone levels. According to a recent study, scientists claim that insomnia is caused by low levels of this substance in men. Eva Wang, MD, claims that those young people who slept less than five hours a day for one week had significantly lower testosterone levels than those who had full sleep.

Experts argue that the lack of proper levels of this hormone in the body can lead to a number of other problems, including reproductive function. The decrease in partner activity is sometimes expressed in a low level of energy, which is manifested in poor concentration and constant fatigue. Low testosterone can also be associated with the appearance of metabolic syndromes, which increase the risk of heart disease in girls, as well as stroke and the development of a disease such as diabetes. They also have weaker bones, which does not allow them to build muscle.

Girls who encounter such a problem claim that due to insomnia, their young people subsequently experienced health problems. The study showed that the lack of the ability to sleep reduces the level of testosterone in the blood, and this can be equated to the loss of 10-15 years of life. Some doctors assure that insomnia is caused in most cases by endocrine disorders, most likely the young man has problems with the thyroid gland.

An experiment was conducted in which 10 men took part. They passed a series of tests aimed at identifying endocrine and mental disorders that could cause sleep disturbances. On average, subjects were 24 years old. They had to sleep 10 hours for 3 days, and then sleep less than 5 hours for 8 nights. Every 200 minutes, scientists took the blood of men for analysis.

The results of the experiment showed that sleep deprivation can adversely affect the functioning of hormones. Scientists from the University of Chicago found that people who sleep less than five hours have much lower testosterone levels than those who have healthy sleep. A low indicator of this hormone is associated with a deterioration in health, loss of strength and the appearance of more fatigue due to physical activity.

As a result, it was noticed that the consequences of lack of sleep were serious. Testosterone levels dropped very much, which led to a bad mood and a complete lack of vigor. Testosterone deficiency caused a decrease in physical and mental activity.

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