6 simple tips for insomnia

Most often, insomnia occurs due to a violation of sleep patterns or because of psychological problems. In the general case, dealing with this problem is quite simple. To do this, you must follow a number of rules and soon you will completely forget about insomnia.

So, before going to bed, you must definitely swim in warm water. A bath is best taken with medicinal herbs. To do this, you need to buy relaxing bath oils, you can buy them at a pharmacy, or in online stores. Half fill the bath with warm water, then fill the bath with a small amount of oil, about a teaspoon and immediately immerse in it. When we are already in the water we need to accept a lying state, we relax the body and begin to breathe deeply but slowly. Soon you will feel how you want to sleep.

If this method does not help, then there is still a very good method to combat insomnia, this is hot tea. As we probably already know, tea is the cure for many diseases and insomnia is no exception. First, boil one and a half liters of drinking water. When the water has completely boiled add ten handfuls of dry linden and four handfuls of dry mint. We cover all this with a lid and let the broth infuse for 15-20 minutes without removing it from the gas stove. Everything, the broth is ready, now you need to strain everything. Every day before bed we drink a glass of hot tincture, it is best to drink with honey and a slice of lemon. After a short period of time, you will notice how you will be immersed in a sound sleep.

If none of the above methods help you, then you definitely can not do without pills. Consult with your doctor and buy medications at the pharmacy, preferably based on natural plant components. As a rule, tablets are the most effective way to combat insomnia, but they should be used in extreme cases. Tips for insomnia: 1. If you suffer from insomnia, then in no case do not drink coffee and do not eat heavy food before bedtime. 2. If you are a smoker, then give up cigarettes. 3. When you are already in bed, do not think about important matters and about life problems. 4. More walk in the fresh air. Walking in the evening is the most effective. 5. Do not drink strong alcohol before going to bed. 6. Before going to bed, listen to symphonic music, it is very relaxing.

Observing all these rules and insomnia will never bother you!

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