5 easy ways to improve memory

How often do we complain that we don’t remember anything. Everything has to be recorded, but even this does not save. That came out of my head to make an important call, forget to buy the right one in the store.

Such periods are well known to those who work in stressful situations and are completely out of tune.

It is important to develop your memory, experts say to readers of Ladyhealth.com.ua magazine. There are simple methods for this. 

1. Keep yourself safe from unnecessary information. We live in a period of tremendous information flow. Social networks, television, internet. Do not turn on the TV for background. Limit the time on social networks, do not read the news every hour.

2. Go in for sports. Alleyways in the fresh air are especially helpful.

3. Learn poetry. A commonplace but effective exercise. The brain can be pumped up like a muscle.

Learning poetry is such a simulator for memory. By stanza per day. If you don’t like learning poetry, then studying the songs, especially in foreign languages, helps.

4. Read every day and retell. Let you take only 10-15 minutes, but the effect will be noticeable.

5. Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep, insomnia does not affect the whole body in the best way, including your memory.

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