Work and rest mode

Labor and rest are a necessary condition of a person for life. It is possible to maintain efficiency and good health only with the right combination of mental and physical labor, as well as active rest and sleep. 

The working regime is the basis for high efficiency. It is determined by the character and purpose of the employee. The rhythm of work should be moderate and well chosen. Work should bring satisfaction, not a feeling of depression. The general mental state of the employee is also influenced by the general climate in the workplace and the attitude in the team. Ideal work is an environment that combines a business approach, good relationships, creativity and initiative.

There is even the term occupational therapy, with the help of which specialists treat many diseases and mental disorders, including insomnia. As they say, without work and rest is not sweet. 

Rest is required to relieve tiredness and fatigue, and also helps to restore performance. But the rest must also be motivated. And it turns out, you sleep, sleep, but there is no time to rest. Better to spend some of the rest in an active state. After all, a small business is better than a big idleness.

Sleep is a form of relaxation. Lack of rest, like insomnia, leads to overwork and reduces the body’s defenses. Sleep is the most complete type of rest, during which intensive recovery of the body is carried out. Especially in the cells of the brain. 

The correct mode of work and rest allows you to maintain good health and high performance for a long time. In the mode of work and rest, a special place is occupied by the alternation of rest and work. When choosing a mode of work and rest, an important place is taken by the general state of human health, his age, climatic conditions, diet and other factors.

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