Vitamins for healthy sleep

A full night’s rest is very important for the proper functioning of the human body. But in some cases, a person cannot fall asleep on his own, and therefore has to take special vitamins for sleep.

They stimulate the production of hormones that are responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous system. One of these substances is melatonin (daily rhythm stabilizer). Its shortage can lead to severe fatigue and insomnia.

What vitamins are needed for a good sleep

Important! For a good night’s rest, it is very important that the sleep hormone melatonin comes in the required amount. To do this, you should saturate the body with certain trace elements, as well as vitamins. You can achieve a positive result by adjusting your diet and starting to take a complex of vitamins.

Insomnia (insomnia) is often associated with a lack of the following substances:

  1. Vitamin A.Supports the body’s youth, contributing to the normalization of sleep.
  2. Vitamin D.Children especially need it, especially in the first years of life. With a deficiency of vitamin D, the child feels unwell and weak, and an adult wakes up already with fatigue, and feels overwhelmed throughout the day. Such biologically active substances are synthesized in the human body due to sunlight. In this regard, the lack of vitamin D is quite strongly felt in winter and autumn.
  3. Vitamin C.It promotes the formation of anti-stress hormones that help the body cope with negative emotions, so it is necessary for the good functioning of the nervous system.
  4. Vitamin E.It is his lack of fatigue and constant feeling of fatigue.
  5. Potassium.Lack of this trace element leads to sleep anxiety. At night, a person may wake up several times.
  6. Magnesium.A very important function of it is to regulate sleep. If magnesium is not enough in the body, it can cause insomnia, and subsequently depression and even mental instability.
  7. Calcium.This trace element is especially useful for children who sleep anxiously.

Among the vitamins that contribute to the normalization of sleep, organic compounds of group B play a large role. They have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, and also help regulate the work of the adrenal glands. When insomnia requires such vitamins:

  1. B1.Removes activity, anxiety and eliminates the “nerves”. It is considered a very strong antidepressant.
  2. B6.It improves mood and relieves anxiety, helps you fall asleep faster.
  3. B12.Needed for normal brain function. Protects its cells from adverse effects.

All these nutrients are contained in many products that should prevail in the diet of a person suffering from insomnia. The pharmacy complex of vitamins is also necessary in cases of sleep disturbance, it will compensate for the deficiency of all substances required by the body. The composition of this drug should include not only vitamins, but also beta-carotene, magnesium, potassium, riboflavin and thiamine, which contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system, as well as the normal secretion of glands

The process of “birth” of sleep and what to eat

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Sleep is “born” in the epiphysis (pineal body) – it is a gray-red endocrine gland located in the midbrain. It is there that melatonin is produced. And he, in turn, is synthesized from an amino acid such as tryptophan. When a sufficient amount of tryptophan is accumulated in the brain, then a person is able to fall asleep quickly, without difficulty.

The effect of daylight on the retina of the eye contributes to the expenditure of the amino acid that forms serotonin (the hormone of joy). Closer to the night, when it becomes dark, the amount of the hormone of joy decreases and lethargy, drowsiness, occurs. At this time, melatonin is formed.

Attention! An important factor in insomnia is unbalanced nutrition. Therefore, it is necessary to use products containing tryptophan. Its main sources are meat and dairy products, all legumes and nuts.

For a child it is very important to use these products before bedtime. For example, warm milk with honey will be the best sleeping pills. In addition, the product contains a large amount of calcium, which is necessary for the body.

A good effect on sleep can produce turkey meat for dinner. However, it should be remembered that it is necessary to cook it or a couple, or boil, and dinner should be no later than three hours before bed time. The main sources of melatonin are bananas (an excellent sleeping pill containing magnesium and potassium), carrots, rice, corn, tomatoes, cherries, and cherries.

After a lot of overwork it is quite helpful to drink milk. To calm down after stress, you can eat some citrus. Great fatigue indicates a deficiency in vitamin D. It can be replenished by adding sea fish or algae to the diet.

Special studies have been conducted that reveal that a lack of vitamin D increases the likelihood of inadequate sleep. The person at the same time sleeps less than five hours. The most pronounced lack of vitamin D is manifested in the elderly. With age, a person not only sleeps little, but this process becomes disturbing and intermittent. Studies have shown that vitamin D and sleep are closely linked.

It must be remembered that alcohol and drinks containing caffeine (tea, coffee) reduce the quality of sleep. Caffeine has a stimulating property, so taking it less than three hours before sleep can cause insomnia. In addition, there are products-stimulants (various spices), which have the same effect as coffee, tea.

Salt use often in humans exceeds the norm. On the day it is enough to eat up to five grams. Due to the fact that salt retains fluid in the body, violations can manifest as nightmares. Sleep mode is closely related to nutrition. Therefore, a full and varied diet can provide a normal night rest.

Simple actions and folk methods to improve sleep

It is not always possible to find out exactly what substances are missing in the body and the person goes to the pharmacy for a complex remedy. But before you start taking purchased medications, doctors advise you to take the following methods to improve sleep:

  • useearplugs and eye mask;
  • have dinnerno later than three hours before bedtime;
  • reduceconsumption of caffeinated beverages;
  • movemore ;
  • refuseto sleep during the day;
  • air theroom in the evening;
  • master thetechnique of meditation and relaxation.

There are several natural ingredients to normalize sleep, among them chamomile, kava and valerian. Chamomile tea will improve sleep quality. Studies have proven that this plant helps to calm down, while it has no side effects.

Kava is a plant from the pepper family. The extract of its roots is used as a relaxing and sedative. However, this plant in no case can not be taken for a long time and especially with alcohol.

Important! Honey is one of the best and most effective sleep aids . It can be added to milk or simply stirred with water. A glass of this drink in the evening will quickly fall asleep.

Of course, insomnia vitamins do not always help. But before you start taking medications that improve sleep, you need to use other available methods. After all, it is possible that the body lacks any vitamin.


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