Sleeping Pills for Elderly Patients

The sleep of an elderly person is not as strong as in his youth. The older we get, the more clearly degenerative processes begin to manifest themselves in the body, including insomnia. Night vigils, private awakenings and impossibility to fall asleep again –   with all these problems faced by the people of respectful age. To correct the situation, you need to consult a doctor. It is he who determines which sleeping drugs for the elderly will be the most effective. But first you need to decide on the causes of the violation and, if possible, completely eliminate them.

Leading to sleep disorders

An elderly person often has trouble falling asleep, this is due to a decrease in melatonin levels. It is a hormone responsible for the cycles of wakefulness and rest, which gives our body a signal to go to sleep.In old age, it is synthesized in smaller quantities, because people turn to bed for a long time and cannot sleep. However, there are other factors that negatively affect the quality of night rest:

  • adverse indoor climate (too hot or cold, dry air);
  • uncomfortable bed (too soft mattress, small pillow, heavy blanket);
  • abrupt relocation;
  • full and hearty dinner before bed ;
  • stress caused by loneliness, conflict and other causes;
  • psychological disorders and diseases, such as depression, dementia, alcoholism, or drug addiction;
  • passive lifestyle, lack of physical activity;
  • serious diseases (low blood sugar, thyroid gland dysfunction, pulmonary pathologies, cardiovascular dysfunction).

Epiphysis is an endocrine gland that produces melatonin. With age, the amount of melatonin naturally decreases. The level of this hormone begins to increase in the evenings when the level of illumination begins to decrease. During the day, the secretion of the hormone is very low.

Daily changes in the level of hormone in the blood can vary depending on several factors. Among them may be:

  • excessiveweight;
  • weakening ofsympathetic activity, which is necessary for night-time production of melatonin by the pituitary gland, associated with old age;
  • a decreasein the residence time of patients in the age under natural lighting with an intense stream of light;
  • clouding of thecataract due to age.

Older people with a fairly low level of secretion of melatonin are much more likely to suffer from insomnia and have a sufficient number of associated illnesses.

Drug selection

Treatment in old age presents certain difficulties due to the fact that drugs can be absorbed in a special way. Some of the drugs are capable of increasing the risk of side effects or negative reactions; some of the pills are longer excreted from the body. In connection with these factors, there are features in the drug treatment of allergies, the use of drugs for hypertension, blood clotting disorders and many other conditions. It is important to first study the instructions and to know which pathologies require maximum attention in the treatment.

Elderly patients are categorically banned as hypnotic tranquilizers. These powerful medicines adversely affect the functioning of the nervous system.

Barbiturates are another type of medication prohibited for prescribing to older people. They increase the risk of respiratory failure during sleep.

Conventional sedative drugs for older people are recommended in smaller doses. With age, the rate of metabolic processes decreases. Medicines are stored in the body and adversely affect its functioning.

It is not recommended to use sleeping pills with a short duration. Insomnia in older people is often expressed in early awakening. Drugs of this type will be ineffective.

For older patients, a herbal remedy will be a safer option. It is also permissible to drink in courses or occasionally drugs of synthetic origin, but with a minimum content of contraindications and side effects.

Synthetic drugs for insomnia contain melatonin and doxylamine succinate. They have no side effects and are allowed for long-term use, even in old age and in the presence of chronic diseases.

Folk remedies for insomnia for the elderly

Older people are conservative and are wary of drugs for insomnia. To normalize sleep, you can use and folk remedies.

The most popular recipes for insomnia are composed of honey. This natural product soothes the nervous system and promotes rapid sleep. It is used with milk, cinnamon, lemon, apples, walnuts.

For sleep disorders, mint and lemon balm herbal teas will help . You can prepare the infusion of motherwort or hops.

Aromatherapy is another good way to restore normal sleep. A few drops of lavender essential oil, mint, fir, oregano, heather in the aroma lamp will bring peace back and help you fall asleep quickly. You can make your own pillow with fragrant medicinal herbs (sachets). The slight smell emanating from the herbs will help you fall asleep faster and successfully enter the deep sleep phase.

Precautionary measures

Hypnotic drugs affect the nervous system. From their proper reception depends on the full work of the heart. To avoid complications, you can not self-medicate. To appoint drugs for insomnia for the elderly can only specialist.

The wrong choice of sleeping pills can lead to disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system, heart attacks and even respiratory failure.

Older people are prescribed only mild sleeping pills, with the exception of only chronic insomnia and serious mental disorders.

However, it should be borne in mind that even light drugs can be hazardous to health. In no case should not exceed the dosage of funds, as this can cause negative consequences. You also can not arbitrarily extend the course of treatment.

Remember that any remedy for sleep disorders is a serious medicine that must be taken strictly according to the scheme prescribed by the doctor.

Herbal preparations and homeopathic remedies can also cause negative effects from improper use. They incorporate biologically active components that are quickly and almost fully absorbed by the body.This should be taken into account for people prone to allergic reactions.

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