Alternative to sleeping pills

Sleep is necessary for each of us. Good healthy sleep gives us strength and good mood. But the modern rhythm of life, stress, the continuous flow of information, which we, willy-nilly, have to accept and “digest”, often break it. Sometimes we can lie for hours in the dark, trying unsuccessfully to fall asleep. Meanwhile, normally, a person should have 10-15 minutes to relax and plunge into the arms of Morpheus. Also, sleep sometimes becomes restless, superficial, although ideally it should not be interrupted. All this ultimately leads to sleep deprivation.

Lack of sleep greatly affects the well-being and productivity of the person, knocks out of a rut. Therefore, those who periodically complain of poor sleep, are looking for means to improve it. Immediately seek help from sleeping pills – this is unwise and scary. But besides them, there are other tools that can help improve sleep without harm to health.

Fixed assets for insomnia

Medicinal plants

It is worth noting that all medicinal plants that are used to improve sleep do not directly affect sleep. They have a sedative, that is, a calming effect. It does not put to sleep, but predisposes to calm and creates a favorable background for the onset of sleep.

Probably everyone knows about the soothing effects of valerian and motherwort. Melissa, oregano, chamomile, linden and some other herbs have a similar effect. Usually, to improve sleep, these herbs prepare infusions or decoctions, which are taken at night. Some people make a cup of soothing herbal tea part of their bedtime ritual. In addition to individual herbs, in pharmacies, you can purchase ready-made soothing preparations, consisting of several herbal ingredients, reinforcing each other’s effects.

If you decide to improve your sleep with herbs, please note that you only need to select herbs and fees that are commercially produced and sold in a pharmacy or specialty store. Do not buy herbs in the markets, even if the seller (usually a sweet grandmother) inspires confidence in you. It is not known where and how the raw material was collected, whether it was properly harvested.

In order for a medicinal plant to manifest its properties, only strictly defined parts of it are selected, in a certain growth phase, dried at a certain temperature. Not all private procurers of medicinal plants are aware of this and follow all the necessary nuances, so it’s not worth the risk. In addition, the instructions for pharmacy collections and herbs provide reliable information on how to properly prepare a soothing drink from a particular medicinal plant or collection. This is useful from a practical point of view.

Decoctions and infusions of soothing herbs can not only be taken orally, but also added to the water for the evening bath. Note that often the bath itself has a more noticeable effect than the grass added to the water.

In addition to the preparation of decoctions and infusions, to improve sleep, and use medicinal plants in dried form. For example, sachets filled with dried lavender, oregano or mint are placed near the headboard. Inhaled aroma promotes relaxation and immersion in sleep. Relatively recently, it has become possible to purchase pillows for sleep and even mattresses, in which, besides the traditional filler, one or another soothing weed is also present. You can purchase such items for sleep in specialized stores. But, again, all this is not a panacea for insomnia and does not help everyone.

Trying to improve your sleep with the help of medicinal herbs is necessary with caution, because herbs are strong allergens. People who are allergic to any plants are generally advised not to use this method. In addition, when using soothing herbs you need to keep in mind that their effect gradually accumulates, their long-term use can cause daytime sleepiness and affect the ability to drive a car. At the same time, herbal remedies do not always have a noticeable effect immediately after ingestion. As they say, soothing herbs help very well … to those who prescribe them.

Essential oils

Another safe way to improve sleep is to use aromatic oils. It is known that the essential oils of some plants (lavender, juniper, sandalwood) have a slight sedative effect. Aromatic oil can be applied in two ways: drop a few drops of diluted water with oil in an aromatic lamp just before bedtime or add to bathing water.

Strongly zealous in this matter is not worth it, for the manifestation of a calming effect 2-3 drops are enough, otherwise you can get a headache that does not contribute to a good sleep. In addition, the use of essential oils is not recommended if there is a child in the house up to 3 years. And do not allow illusions about the effectiveness of aroma oils: sometimes the problem of insomnia with their help can not be solved.

Milk and honey

Warm milk with honey is a well-known recipe for improving sleep. True, so far neither milk nor honey has scientifically proven the presence of sedative properties. Therefore, milk with honey will help you fall asleep only if you really believe in it.

Remedies for insomnia during pregnancy

Concerns about the unborn baby or changes in the body during pregnancy can have a bad effect on the quality of sleep. Pregnant women choose the means to improve it should be especially careful. The future mother, who does not sleep well , first of all is better to report her problems with sleep to the doctor, so that he can find a means that is safe for the health of the future child or gives advice on lifestyle. From medicinal plants, only valerian has proven safety for a woman and a baby.

Remedies for insomnia for children

Sometimes children sleep so badly that the well-known expression “sleeps like a baby” seems like a mockery. More often, the reason for this is over-excitement from active games before bedtime, watching TV, changing the situation or other situations unaccustomed to the child. Newborns can interfere with gas accumulated in the tummy. In order to calm and ease the sleeping child, you can advise soothing tea. Such teas are sold ready-made in stores and pharmacies.

The composition of ready-made soothing teas for children includes herbal ingredients: valerian, chamomile, mint. In addition, they may include fennel, anise, dill. They not only soothe, but also contribute to the discharge of gases, which is especially important for newborns. Such teas manufacturers are allowed to use children from two weeks of age. But before applying them, do not forget to consult a pediatrician.

Older children, some mothers brew chamomile or lime blossom for the night. It would not be superfluous to remind you that raw materials for such tea should be purchased exclusively at a pharmacy or a specialty store, and after consumption, it is necessary to track down a possible allergic reaction. Of course, if a child has systematic sleep disorders, it is better to consult a doctor.

Sleep disorders in children do not occur or are easier to correct if the correct daily regimen is observed, when one or two hours before sleep the child no longer jumps and has fun, but is engaged in quiet games and books. In adults, the right regimen is also important for good sleep.

The remedies described in this article can help improve sleep, if its disturbances manifest themselves to a slight degree and occur from time to time. For severe insomnia, it is better not to self-medicate, but to seek help from a sleep specialist, a sleep disorders specialist. It will help identify the real cause of your insomnia and select the appropriate treatment.


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