Insomnia is a mental disorder

Scientists from the University of Alabama believe that insomnia is not only a sleep disorder, but also a mental disorder. And the more a person worries about insomnia, the more it affects his life.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder characterized by regular, long periods of wakefulness.   sleep   and, as a result, an increased risk of developing depression, anxiety, hypertension, chronic fatigue and suicidal tendencies.

Interesting fact: a third of people suffering from insomnia feel good and do not experience deterioration in the daytime. After analyzing at least a dozen sleep studies over the past 20 years, psychology professor Kenneth Lichstein concluded that the health of a person suffering from insomnia depends very much on his attitude to this problem. Moreover, according to the scientist, the identity of the patient in this case is a more significant risk factor than poor sleep itself.

Analysis of the data showed that people who had problems with sleep, but who were not worried about it, were healthier people than those who also suffered from insomnia, but actively complained and worried about their sleep. Experiences about a lost dream increase the degree of anxiety and do not allow a person to receive even those small doses of sleep that would have got him if he had not suffered so much about it. And anxiety is stress, which already has a physical effect on the body.

All this suggests that insomnia is a disorder not only of sleep, but also of the psyche.

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