Insomnia during pregnancy: how can I help?

It is difficult to find a woman who would not know the problems with sleep (who has drowsiness, who has insomnia) while waiting for the baby. Especially this problem makes itself felt in the first trimester and third. The reasons for a lot of insomnia: worries and worries associated with an extraordinary condition, malaise due to toxicosis, a lot of stress and overwork. With an increase in the duration of pregnancy, discomfort in bed will join (it is so difficult to find the ideal posture for sleeping with a large tummy), as well as discomfort in the stomach, intestines, oppressed by the grown uterus. Do not despair if already that night it is not possible to sleep. There are several small tricks that can help you overcome insomnia.

To get started, make your bed optimal for a comfortable and healthy stay. For this purpose, it is highly advisable to purchase orthopedic mattresses and prices can be easily selected in accordance with your desires. They contribute to the correct position of the body during sleep, are physiological, and also harmful fungi do not multiply in them.  

You need to set yourself up for a good sleep in advance. Do not drink caffeinated drinks in the afternoon. It is advisable to have dinner lightly and not just before bedtime, but at least three hours before it. You should not waste time watching action programs and films (a similar fact in itself can deprive the future mother of peace), instead, go outside and spend a pleasant evening strolling through your favorite places in your village.

An hour before bedtime, it’s time to take a warm bath, it contributes to excellent sleep. But this event is not allowed for all pregnant women, so get permission from your doctor and at the same time ask if you can add any funds there. If the doctor gives the go-ahead, you can put a collection of soothing herbs in a bag wrapped in a bag or drip aromatic oils – rosemary, orange, lavender.

If the heaviness in your legs prevents you from falling asleep, then massage your lower legs, moving from the foot to the knee. Place a pillow under your feet and stay in this position for a while. With the permission of your doctor, use an ointment that improves blood circulation.

If your back hurts, get on all fours, wait in this position until the discomfort in the indicated area disappears, and then settle down to rest.

Drink a glass of milk with a spoon of honey before you go to bed. And if you are really anxious, you can drink Valerian infusion. Just do not try to use sleeping pills, it is forbidden to pregnant women.

Remember to ventilate the bedroom well.

Have a nice dream.

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