How to deal with depression correctly

Sleep disturbance: a deviation in duration, frequent awakenings, lead to disorders of the human nervous system, which negatively affects the state of his psyche, attention and emotional state.

Normal sleep requires approximately 6-10 hours. The duration of night sleep for each organism is set strictly individually. But insomnia is a serious health threat. We spend about a third of our lives in sleep, so it is important to provide the body with natural natural sleep.  

But the fight against insomnia should not turn into a phenomenon: “Sleep at any cost.” At first, it is necessary to follow the traditional recommendations to help eliminate insomnia:

• Meals: you must have dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime;  

• Do not take drinks containing caffeine or alcohol before bed; 

• Walk before going to bed in the fresh air, airing the bedroom;   

• Before going to bed, it is advisable to reduce the time spent at the computer or TV; 

• Pay attention to the lighting in the bedroom, daily ventilation is required ;    

• Make the right choice of pillow and mattress, sleep comfortably; 

• If your body requires naps, sleep.  

• Review your work and rest routine.  

All these general rules will make your sleep pleasant and help you maintain good health for a long time. But if your restful sleep is not restored, there is a reason to turn to specialists. Self-medication in such cases, accompanied by taking medications without a doctor’s recommendation, is extremely dangerous. Perhaps your insomnia simply accompanies another serious illness that you are not aware of.  

Care must be taken when treating insomnia with hypnotics. With the illiterate use of sleeping pills , complications are possible: lethargy, bad mood, memory impairment, loss of normal movement functions and weakness of the body. Sometimes hobbies for sleeping pills cause a more serious disease – drug addiction.  

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