Diets for insomnia

Diets for insomnia or others – this is the area in which everyone considers himself a “professor”. It is hardly possible to find a person who has not tried to apply his own knowledge in the field of nutrition in practice. When choosing a diet or methods of dealing with insomnia, consultation with a specialist nutritionist is required, since the wrong choice of a food system can harm not only physical, but also psychological.

If someone expected on this page a detailed description of the menu for people suffering from insomnia, then it is not for them. A person, in general, can eat anything, taking into account, of course, his own health. Proper nutrition is the key to good quality sleep, which, along with other factors, ensures good health.   

We can simply give for people who want to sleep well and rest in their sleep, a few recommendations:

– listen to your own body, make an individual choice of products for insomnia;

– do not overeat, take control of your life and appetite, instead of being under the control of your insatiable desire to eat;

– enjoy your meal, free yourself from guilt, regret, fear or anxiety about the future;

– lean on plant foods: vegetables, fruits and herbs;

– give up excess salt, sugar and alcohol in your own diet;

– remember, fatty foods do not help you fall asleep quickly;

– drink fresh juices.

The diet for insomnia is selected strictly individually for each person, taking into account his health. The selection of products for insomnia is carried out in accordance with the desires and taste preferences. There are some general tips for insomnia that nutritionists recommend:


To replenish your energy reserves, you need foods that combine protein with carbohydrates, such as wholemeal bread with cheese and cereals or oatmeal with fruit.

Nutrition for stress

In stressful situations, and especially in prolonged ones, the need for nutrients is especially great. At this time, your body primarily needs vitamin B, which is found in meat, fish, young shoots and dark green vegetables.

Dinner for insomnia

So that digestion does not become a hard work for the stomach at night, you should avoid heavy meals before bed. Avoid fatty foods and eat more fruit or yogurt instead.

Diet drink for insomnia

Mix chopped banana with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of ground hazelnuts, 1 teaspoon of sprouted wheat grains and 150 ml. milk and drink in small sips.

Remember, if your diet is not varied enough, then the body does not receive the required amount of energy. The smooth functioning of the body is disrupted, blood flow slows down, digestive disorders, obesity and a state of depression occur. As a result, insomnia comes. If you include fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs in your daily diet, it will be easier to maintain your health and sound sleep.

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