How to choose the right sleep pillow

Stores now offer a huge selection of attributes for healthy sleep. The choice of a pillow should be approached very responsibly, because the quality of sleep and morning well-being will largely depend on it.

Is it possible to sleep without a pillow

Unfortunately, some people are of the opinion that sleeping without a pillow is good. But sleep doctors are firmly convinced that sleeping without a pillow can cause serious harm to health. The fact is that in this position of the head, the blood vessels are pinched and the muscles of the neck do not have the opportunity to relax. In addition, in some people, this can lead to a retraction of the tongue, which in turn provokes snoring and even respiratory arrest during sleep. As a result, the morning can begin with a headache, weakness and unpleasant sensations – the so-called “wooden neck”. So, the answer to the question: “Is it harmful to sleep without a pillow?” quite unambiguous.

What to consider when choosing a pillow

The choice of the right pillow for sleeping should be approached individually.

The form

The most optimal shape of the pillow, in which you can sit as comfortably as possible, is rectangular. If you cannot imagine your bedroom without beautiful round, triangular and roller-shaped pillows – use them as decor.

The size

The size of the pillow should also be selected individually, but the most optimal size is 50/70 cm for adults and 40/60 cm for children.


In stores, you can buy a pillow with natural fillers ( down and feathers, herbal, from bamboo fiber, horsehair, sheep wool, rice shells, buckwheat husks and natural latex) and artificial ( holofiber , synthetic winterizer , silicone, comfort and materials with the effect of “memory “). Each of these fillers has both positive and negative sides. It is impossible to say for sure which material a particular person will like, since he must choose himself, focusing on his own feelings. Now in most stores, you can not only touch the pillow, but also lie on it for a few minutes. This is the only way to most accurately guess whether it will be comfortable for you to sleep on it.

How to determine the required pillow height

When choosing the filler and the height of the pillow, it is necessary to consider:

  • Body type. It is best if the height of the pillow is equal to the width of the shoulder – this will keep the head parallel to the body, which will prevent pinching of blood vessels and muscle spasm. A high and tight pillow will cause neck pain after sleeping on your side. A pillow that is too low while sleeping on your back can cause snoring and apnea due to tongue sinking.
  • The degree of firmness of the mattress. To ensure the correct position of the head while sleeping on a hard mattress, you should choose a pillow lower, on a soft one – higher.
  • The preferred sleeping position. If you sleep on your side most often, buy a harder pillow, and sleeping on your stomach will be more comfortable on a soft pillow.
  • The presence of allergic diseases. For patients with bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis, pillows made of synthetic fillers are recommended.
  • The presence of osteochondrosis. For any problems with the spine, it is better to agree on the choice of a pillow with your doctor. Most often in such cases, orthopedic pillows with a roller under the neck are recommended. But keep in mind that for most patients, such a pillow at first seems too hard and uncomfortable. But its owners change their minds very quickly – as soon as the excruciating morning pains in the head and neck pass.

According to experts, the right pillow for sleeping is made of buckwheat husk, natural latex, artificial fillers, as well as orthopedic. In the listed types of fillers, dust mites do not start. If your choice is a buckwheat husk pillow, then it should be borne in mind that it rustles with every movement of the head. With light sleep, this can be a problem.

How to avoid buying a substandard pillow

So, you have decided on the size and filler, and even looked after several models in the store. Before trying to lie on them, pay attention to:

  • Manufacturer. This is especially true for pillows with natural fillings. A low quality feather product, for example, may contain small pieces of skin, adipose tissue of birds, which will soon become a breeding ground for microorganisms. A conscientious manufacturer carefully processes natural material, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates.
  • Smell. The product must be free of extraneous odors, such as chemical ones.
  • Napernik. The fabric of the pillow case should be of high quality, dense, not fading. If you prefer white bedding, then get bedclothes in light colors so that they do not show through the pillowcases. Examine the seams – small particles of filler may spill out through their flaws. It is good if the pillow case has a zipper – so you can not only inspect the condition of the filler, but also remove a certain amount if the pillow seems too high. But it is better to avoid Velcro fasteners – they usually do not reliably hold the filler.

Pillow care

The pillow, like other attributes of a night’s rest, should be dried regularly. In addition, any pillow should be cleaned or washed (if possible) at least twice a year.

The shelf life of the product depends on the filler. The most short-lived herbal pillows, most synthetic fillings will last longer. However, you should not exceed the period recommended by the manufacturer – molds grow over time even in expensive pillows made of artificial materials.

You won’t get a good night’s sleep on an inappropriate pillow, so its choice should be taken with the utmost care and seriousness. By choosing a high-quality pillow, you will not only provide yourself with a comfortable rest, but will also be able to prevent some painful conditions.

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