Food for a good sleep

Sleep is an important part of health. What we eat greatly affects the functioning of the human body. No matter what we may say about the benefits of vegetable protein or dairy products, sleep remains the most important recovery tool for the body.

Healthy sleep is responsible for many factors of the body’s functional state: reaction, thinking and a number of other important factors. Nutrition greatly affects the quality of sleep. If you suffer from insomnia, then, first of all, you should reconsider your diet.

If a person does not sleep enough, then he quickly gains extra pounds and makes himself health problems. He also has an increased craving for sweet and unhealthy foods, which negatively affects the immune systems.

There are many factors that can affect sleep quality, but nutrition is essential. Food and nutrition are interrelated phenomena, since with violations of the diet, insomnia appears (or, conversely, constant drowsiness can torment from systematic overeating). Disruptions in sleep and wakefulness, in turn, can lead to new, not very healthy eating habits (in particular, sugar cravings or other addictions, depending on individual characteristics).

The best food before bed is vegetable protein. Legumes that are rich in the amino acid tryptophan are especially beneficial. They charge the body with the hormone of happiness – serotonin.

It is no secret that insomnia is accompanied by strong emotions (anger, etc.), as well as excessive amounts of caffeine. A stuffy room, lack of physical activity, watching TV or using internet devices negatively affects sleep quality.

Many foods contain tryptophan, including legumes, whole grains , rice, milk, and dairy products. These foods promote the production of the hormone serotonin. This hormone is called the hormone of happiness. it, in turn, positively affects the quality of sleep, appetite and the general functional state of the body.

Fast carbohydrates help you metabolize tryptophan-rich substances faster. In addition, foods rich in tryptophan improve appetite. One of the favorite seasonal fruits, cherries, are rich in tryptophan. It also contains a lot of melatonin, a component that improves sleep quality. Freshly squeezed lemon juice is especially useful , it helps people to fight insomnia.

The next food group includes foods rich in magnesium. For example, legumes. They are high in B vitamins and, unlike animal protein, are easy to digest and do not add heaviness after an evening meal. Fruits are also very useful, which, plus everything, will calm the nervous system of those who like sweets. Replace your favorite cookies and candy with any piece of fruit.

Alcohol before bed is not the best choice. Of course, it will help you fall asleep, but such a measure does not contribute to rest and recovery of the body. You will wake up completely overwhelmed. It is better to replace a glass of wine with a cup of herbal tea (herbs such as lavender, mint, lemon balm are very useful against insomnia).

Vegetables are also useful, and especially in soups. Such food not only calms the nervous system before bed, but also helps to cleanse. If you cook a dish for a long time, then the starch and sugar content decreases, so vegetable dishes are easily digested and will not interfere with your night’s rest.

Don’t include coffee in your evening meal. Red meat and sweets. All these products increase the adrenaline content in the blood, tone the body and do not let you forget about the day to day.

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