Folk remedies for insomnia

However, insomnia itself can also be considered a disease. Doctors call sleep disorders insomnia , the whole institutions are studying the problem.

What is insomnia

When insomnia sleep is not   absent altogether. The person just has difficulty with   falling asleep, or sleeping him too much and   easily interrupted by   any minor irritant. BUT   falling asleep becomes almost impossible. The night passes in   anxious, fatiguing half-sleep, there are no normal sleep phases necessary for rest. The blanket is too heavy, the pillow is too soft, the neighbor is behind   wall too loud leafing through his stupid book. On   morning greeting “With   Good morning! ”, I want to answer with an automatic burst. Or, by   least quiet and   melancholy   – “Good morning is not   it happens!”

The other option is not   much better. Man falls asleep easily and   sleeps well But   in the middle of the night suddenly wakes up   – and   everything. Before   in the morning it is waiting for staring at the dark, recounting jumping elephants or thinking about   unfinished business. You can only fall asleep in minutes   10 to   alarm call. How much   there is a pleasant awakening and   wellbeing.

Medicines for   insomnia

Of course if you   go to   doctor, you may be prescribed sleeping pills. One tablet on   night   – and   before   am you   off from   world be revealed.

But, to   unfortunately, almost all medicines from   insomnia   addictive. You have to first increase the dose, then switch to   more potent drugs as well   they all don’t   harmless.

there is   Are there ways to do without drugs in   battle for   normal sleep?

Folk recipes from   insomnia

AT   people were able to do simple and   in natural ways to cope with   insomnia. Before plodding in   pharmacy for   sleeping pills, try one or more popular ways. They are pleasant, harmless and   effective.

Light dinner

Not   overeat on   night. A full stomach will interfere with normal sleep. But   hunger too   good sleep   promotes. The best decision   – light dinner for   2-3 hours to   sleep.


Honey has a calming effect. A spoonful of honey can be stirred in   a cup of warm water and   drink in small sips. BUT   can add honey to   warm milk   – this is someone like more. By the way, honey water is also   will help to cope with   propensity to   constipation.


There are odors that facilitate relaxation and   falling asleep You can apply essential oils, including aroma lamp . You can add a few drops of aromatic oils in   evening bath Can be placed near the head of the sachet, filled with a mixture of herbs. Our great-grandmothers for sweet sleep made pillows stuffed with dry hop cones. BUT   at   headboards put a special   Beregina doll, her body   also filled with fragrant herbs. For falling asleep, it is recommended to use smells of mint, lemon balm, hops, lavender, oregano.

Herbal teas

Very good at   nervous system decoctions   medicinal herbs. A cup of soothing tea with   honey spoon   – and   sleep comes easy and   gently, like a first love.

Variants of herbal drinks “on   the dream is coming “on   250   ml   water:

  • 35 g   crushed lemon balm, honey spoon;
  • 20 g   mint + 10 g   lemon balm;
  • 2 tbsp. spoons of dried hawthorn (fruit);
  • 3 tbsp. spoons of hawthorn flowers, a spoon of honey;
  • 10 g   thyme, 10 g   hops, honey


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