Daytime sleep

Where does an adult who sleeps during the night and wakes up easily get sleepy by lunchtime? The reason lies in biological rhythms, and not in a hearty meal, as many believe. On an empty stomach, you may also want to sleep. Pay attention to the sleep pattern of children and animals: they have a midday decline during the day, provided by nature. Thanks to the opportunity to sleep during the day, preschool children are cheerful and stress-resistant . The student’s natural biorhythms are disrupted, and abrupt mood changes occur.               

Scientists have concluded that naps improve memory. It is enough to take a 15-20 minute nap in the afternoon – and the efficiency, endurance will increase, the mood will rise, the work of the heart will be stimulated. It is not recommended to sleep more than 15-20 minutes : weakness will appear. In many Western companies officially entered a quiet hour at work ( power napping ). Not only employees are sleeping , but also the bosses. Special rooms have been equipped for this purpose.            

In people who regularly sleep during the day, the risk of dying from and heart attack is reduced by 40%. This feature of daytime sleep was identified by staff at Harvard Medical School. They took 24,000 volunteers 20-86 years to take part in the experiment and in the period of 6 years watched their habits and daily routine. The duration of daily midday sleep in the participants of the experiment was 30 minutes. Scientists note the benefits of daytime sleep in reducing stress hormones, which accordingly reduces the risk of heart disease.               

It is even recommended to reduce your usual sleep to 6-7 hours, but get some sleep during the day. The irritability and nervousness accumulated by the middle of the day will go away, and the body will feel rest. This is important because many suffer from insomnia or can not sleep for a long time precisely because of fatigue and overexertion.          

Sleep well during the day ! 

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