Count to one hundred: how to get rid of insomnia?

The rhythm of life in the city is accelerating, there is not enough time, and there is nowhere to hide from stress … This often leads to insomnia, which does not allow you to recuperate and causes many diseases. How to return healthy sleep?
Insomnia, or insomnia, is familiar to everyone. Sleep disorders are different: you toss and turn in bed for several hours in a row and think about the past day, suffer from a troubled sleep, and maybe, on the contrary, quickly fall asleep, but jump up long before the alarm clock. All this means it’s time to change your habits. These six rules will help you learn how to relax at night and feel like a cheerful day.
Lie on time
Because of insomnia, the process of falling asleep becomes unpleasant, sometimes even the thought of sleep causes fear, irritation and anxiety. Psychologists advise every evening at the same time to conduct a special ritual: take a relaxing bath, ventilate the room and shut the windows tightly so that the light does not penetrate the room. It is important that during the day you cannot work or eat food in bed – this place is intended only for sleeping.
Do not change the alarm
Insomnia – a regular at large cities, where it is almost impossible to observe the daily regimen, you always have to hurry somewhere. But in the morning you need to make an exception: try to wake up at the same time, but remember that the brain needs at least 8 hours of rest. In short, if you go to bed after midnight, do not expect to wake up full of energy before 8 am. Lack of sleep accumulates over the week and leads to new stress and neurosis.
Restore the body
Return to the regime and overcome insomnia is difficult, even following the rules of psychologists. The body needs support, which is taken to provide “Melaxen” – a drug to normalize sleep and restore daily biorhythms, including the sleep-wake cycle. “Melaxen” is an exact analogue of natural melatonin, which is responsible for the “internal clock” of man. As a rule, for adults, 0.5 to 1 tablet 1 time per night will help you quickly plunge into a sound sleep, and wake up rested in the morning. In order to return to the normal rhythm of life, the drug should be taken within a month. Despite the fact that “Melaxen” will be a loyal assistant, the treatment of insomnia without a culture of sleep will be meaningless.
Raise the tone
Make it a rule to start every morning with charging. Physical activity will improve blood circulation and help you wake up. Doing sports before bed also does not hurt, but you shouldn’t exhaust yourself, just a little walk in the fresh air.
Eat right
Somnologists – doctors who specialize in the treatment of sleep disorders – are advised to follow a diet. For example, during the day it is not recommended to drink a lot of coffee and other drinks with a high content of caffeine, and 3 hours before bedtime, in principle, you cannot eat or drink much. In addition, it is desirable to give up alcohol.
Compliance with these simple recipes for healthy sleep will soon help you to feel vigorous and full of energy during the working day.

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