Fight insomnia

To be healthy and healthy, people need to get enough sleep. Sleep disturbance, chronic insomnia threatens with stresses, nervous breakdowns, loss of strength, affect the overall well-being. Lack of sleep significantly reduces the quality of human life. There is no normal wakefulness without proper rest, which is healthy sleep. Therefore, the fight against insomnia should be carried out mercilessly.

Walk before bed

Perhaps, among all the ways to combat insomnia, just walking before bedtime takes the most important place. Unfortunately, a very small percentage of people who have trouble sleeping, give this item at least some attention. Meanwhile, slow walking evening walks in the fresh air perfectly relieve tension, saturate the body with oxygen, adjust to a calm way. If you find it difficult to force yourself to make the evening promenade, get a dog. Then one way or another will have to walk before bedtime. In addition, direct communication with a four-legged friend will relieve stress, often associated with daytime activities, and make you look at things a lot more calmly and sensibly.

Proper nutrition at bedtime

Night is not the best time of day to digest food. Do not load the stomach before going to bed. It is not necessary to adhere to the hard rule – do not eat after 18.00, you can calculate the evening meal so that it takes place 2 hours before you go to sleep. And let it be not fat, spicy or smoked products, but something light – vegetable, dairy and dairy dishes, fruits, etc. And half an hour before bedtime, you can drink a glass of warm milk with a spoon of honey or herbal tea. The easiest recipe for “sleepy” tea: take 1 tsp. motherwort and prickly grass, crushed valerian roots and licorice, pour 1 cup boiling water, cover with a napkin and let it stand for a while. Drink warm, sips. Herbal tea can be drunk not only at bedtime, but throughout the day. The usual method is 3-4 times a glass. You can buy in the pharmacy a ready collection of herbs that promote good sleep.

No daytime problems!

Removing clothes before going to bed, get rid of daily problems as well. Most people, preoccupied with anxieties and unfinished business, continue to scroll through them at night, lying in bed. Of course, the dream does not go, and this is very bad. Throw these thoughts away from you, do not push the water in a mortar, do not make plans for tomorrow’s battles in your mind. Direct your thoughts in a different direction, start, for example, to recall pleasant moments from your life – holidays at the sea or in the country, pictures from childhood, meeting with friends, etc. This is a productive path; warm memories envelop your mind and quietly lead into the world of dreams.

Warmth and comfort

Let not only your memories be warm before bedtime. Fast falling asleep will provide warmth and comfort. Try to master this technique: throw off the blanket and lie down for a while without it. Most likely, you will soon become chilly. And you will freeze completely, because the window in your bedroom is open “by default” (this is one of the main conditions for a healthy sound sleep, which even awkwardly reminds). As soon as you feel discomfort, take a comfortable position for sleeping and hide yourself with a blanket up to your chin – such bliss from newfound warmth will cover you, and the bed will seem so cozy and soft that you will stop tossing and tossing and immediately fall asleep. According to doctors, the best sleeping position is considered to be lying on the right side with slightly bent knees. It provides the conditions for the normal functioning of the heart and promotes complete muscle relaxation.

It will help … Mozart

Scientists, based on the results of numerous studies, argue that the music of Mozart, unlike many other classical works, has a positive effect on the human central nervous system. Listening to it in a calm atmosphere can have a powerful therapeutic effect in case of neurosis, neurasthenia – diseases that are often accompanied by insomnia.

Inexplicably, immortal melodies normalize the work of the heart, relieve from fears, nervousness, anxiety – the causes of sleep disturbance. You will fall asleep not from music, but from the peace and serenity that it brings to you. Listen to Mozart before bed. However, you can do it in the afternoon, then the evening bedtime will be even easier, because you will go to bed in a calm state.

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