Causes and Treatment of Insomnia

Insomnia or insomnia is a pathological condition of a person, which is accompanied by difficult falling asleep and early awakening, partial or complete loss of night sleep, its unsatisfactory quality, constant fatigue, irritation. Psychological, social stresses, taking medications or drugs, illnesses of a mental or somatic nature very often lead to such a problem as insomnia. The cause of the pathology very often can also be an incorrect lifestyle, taking too much caffeine, emotional disturbances associated with certain events, non-observance of sleep hygiene, etc.

Insomnia treatment

If a person detects such a pathology as insomnia, there is a need for an accurate diagnosis, determining the severity of the problem. In addition, an effective treatment for insomnia should be prescribed .  

Of course, non-drug treatment for insomnia is possible . In such cases, the doctor prescribes full compliance with sleep hygiene, which implies: 

  • sleep at the same time;
  • a dream in the same place;
  • active lifestyle (physical education, walking, gymnastics);
  • refusal of daytime sleep;
  • exception to watching TV before going to bed;
  • the exclusion of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol;
  • the exclusion of mental activity at bedtime;
  • ensuring minimum illumination in the room;
  • ensuring maximum peace and quiet;
  • you need to go to bed only with the occurrence of drowsiness.

Non-drug methods of treating insomnia are also meditation, relaxing auto-training, yoga exercises, etc. 

As for the medical treatment of pathology, in this case, first of all, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the problem, and then only the problem itself. As mentioned above, insomnia refers to neurological pathologies and in most cases is associated with a person’s mental disorder. That is why it is necessary to first eliminate these problems, and sleeping pills can be prescribed by a doctor as a component that supports the main treatment. Although, in some cases, the treatment of chronic insomnia is carried out only with sleeping pills. It should be noted that prolonged use of such drugs is not recommended, since the latter have a number of contraindications.     

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