Bed dress

The concept of sound sleep also includes: the place where we sleep, its ventilation and lighting, as well as the bed. People usually sleep at night, i.e. They spend 8 hours a day in their own bed. The bed contains bedding: mattress, pillows, blanket and bed linen. All these items constitute the place where a person should sleep and rest. This means that they should be comfortable, beautiful, clean and help to improve the performance and mood of a person after sleep.   


It should be moderately elastic and it does not matter whether it is a spring mattress or a hydrostatic mattress. Some people generally prefer a mattress on the floor. If you feel comfortable on it, use it. Have you tried a water mattress?


Do not skimp on pillows, if you want your sleep to be undisturbed, get good pillows. What your pillow should be is up to you. Someone likes a hard, someone a soft pillow. Someone prefers a pillow made of foam rubber, someone recognizes only a downy one. There are no comrades here for taste and color. You just need to follow some guidelines for the use of pillows. Pillows should be replaced every 2 or 3 years. Down pillows need to be dried in the sun from time to time. People who sleep on their side are better off buying a stiffer pillow that will provide reliable support for both the head and neck of the sleeper. For those sleeping on their stomachs, a soft pillow is recommended so as not to overstrain the neck muscles. And those who sleep on their backs need a medium hard pillow.


It is best to buy several blankets: cotton, wool and synthetic. They differ in severity mainly in severity and thickness.


Any hostess can agree that buying bed linen is the most entertaining and exciting part of modern shopping. The monotonous white bedding is gone. Their place was taken by exquisite and high-quality linen made of cotton, silk and linen. Cotton linen with fun pictures for the kids, a sliding silk sheet for love and linen with lace for the queen. A celebration of body and soul. The choice is for those who wish to sleep beautifully and comfortably.


The bedspread is an important part of any bedroom design. The roof of the bed. Therefore, when choosing and buying a bedspread, it is necessary to take into account the general appearance of the bedroom, the color of curtains, furniture and other items. The modern industry offers a wide selection of bedding sets, consisting of bedspreads, pillows and curtains, united by a single motif of colors and patterns. Ethno style bedspreads made of patches are especially fashionable today . You can also make a similar blanket with your own hands.

Show your own personality when choosing bedding. Bed is a temple, rest and pleasure.

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