Alternative Ways to Treat Insomnia


– Listen carefully to my voice! Your eyelids get heavy, the heaviness spreads all over your body! … Quieter and darker around you … You fall asleep …

Yes, you are not mistaken! Insomnia can be very effectively treated with hypnosis. A man looks at a shiny ball and falls asleep under the doctor’s uniform story.

For a long time, scientists ignored hypnosis and suggestion. Their interpretations were wrong. Hypnosis is a partial dream that can vary in intensity and depth. Nowadays, hypnosis serves medical science and doctors successfully treat insomnia with hypnosis. During sleep and hypnosis, brain cells enter a special state. Hypnosis differs from ordinary sleep in that it can be induced artificially.

Hypnosis is a guided dream. In order to induce hypnosis, it is necessary to recreate the same environment that promotes sleep: uniform noise, twilight, calmness and the naturally powerful factor of hypnosis – the word. Word suggestion: “Worry will pass. You will have a sound sleep, a good mood. You will be a healthy person! “


Self-training is a method of psychological influence. Exercise can help with insomnia: deep breathing, muscle relaxation, or yoga. It may not work out right away, but by working on yourself, you can achieve serious results. Of course, it will take time to eliminate insomnia. Experts offer some techniques that are rated as the most successful:

Slow down your breathing. Imagine that air is slowly coming in and out of you. Breathe with the diaphragm. Repeat this exercise throughout the day to make it easy to do before bed.

Tune in to shut off unpleasant thoughts that enter your mind. Think about pleasant experiences that have given you pleasure. Think back to great moments, fantasize, or play mental games. Try to count in different foreign languages ​​or count back from a thousand in your native language.


Massage with aromatic oils and taking aromatic baths are very useful for insomnia. Bath is one of the water treatments for insomnia. It has been proven that pleasant smells have a beneficial effect on the human nervous system, give a sense of calmness and comfort. Typically, aromatherapy uses lavender, pine needles, lemon balm, rose, sandalwood, mint oils, etc.  

In winter, you can also treat yourself with dry fragrant herbs, because the oils contained in them retain their properties in a dried form. There is enough human body heat for these oils to evaporate and give off their odors. Healing aroma. It is very good to make pillows and fill them with rose petals, lavender flowers, hop cones, verbena leaves, rosemary, fragrant woodruff – plants that are most effective in treating insomnia. Create the scent you like and enjoy pleasant dreams!

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