With chronic insomnia, the risk of stroke is 54% higher

According to a study by Taiwanese scientists at Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science, the risk of stroke in people with chronic insomnia is 54% higher than those who do not suffer from sleep disorders .       

The survey was attended by 21 438 people suffering from insomnia, and 64 314 healthy people, not complaining of any problems with sleep. Scientists have been monitoring their health for 4 years. During the study, 583 people (2.7%) among patients with insomnia were hospitalized due to a stroke. Of the group of healthy people , 962 people (1.5%) were hospitalized with a stroke. Moreover, people with insomnia for more than 6 consecutive months had the highest risk .                 

“We strongly recommend that patients with chronic sleep problems regularly visit a cardiologist to pre-monitor the symptoms of a possible stroke, ” said study author Ya-Wen Hsu. This is especially true for young people aged 18 to 34 years, among whom, as the researchers note, the risk of stroke with chronic insomnia was 8 times higher.          

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