What causes insomnia

A healthy sleep helps to recharge your energy and a good mood for the whole day. But a large number of people suffer from insomnia, which makes a person irritable and overwhelmed. There is no one universal cure for this problem. Therefore, for effective treatment, it is necessary to establish the cause and find out what causes insomnia.

Why does insomnia torment a person

Insomnia can be triggered by serious brain injury. In this case, it will be impossible to cope with this problem. But most often the person himself and his lifestyle are to blame for the appearance of insomnia.

The main causes of insomnia:

1) Lifestyle.

Initially, in order to understand what causes insomnia, it is necessary to turn

attention to your habits. Many people like to eat fatty and spicy foods before going to bed, without even knowing the effect that it has. These foods significantly increase brain activity. Foods and drinks that contain caffeine have a similar effect. These include chocolate, coffee, soda, tea. Limiting their consumption before bed can help alleviate the problem of insomnia.

2) An uncomfortable bed.

Bedding is essential for healthy sleep. The mattress and pillow should be natural and comfortable. The reason for insomnia can even be a blanket that is incorrectly selected for the season.

3) Stress and illness.

The main causes of sleep problems are believed to be stress and emotional states. In people suffering from increased nervous excitability, insomnia can occur even as a result of minor events. Going to bed, such a person can continue to analyze events and worry.

Insomnia can be triggered by serious illnesses. For example, if a person often wakes up in a cold sweat and with an incomprehensible feeling of fear, this may indicate diseases associated with the cardiovascular system. Also, a person may have trouble sleeping with intestinal disorders, an overactive thyroid gland, arthritis and restless legs syndrome.

The consequences of insomnia

Prolonged insomnia deprives a person of a full life. During the day, he constantly wants to sleep and feels tired. Depression may appear and disability may be significantly reduced. Therefore, it is very important to know why a person’s insomnia is tormented and how to deal with it.

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