Water procedures

Water is a natural and versatile solvent for many substances. Try dissolving your own insomnia in water. With the help of water procedures.

Water is the most harmless way to treat insomnia. The chemical effect of ordinary fresh water on the human body is minimal. Mineral waters and sea water have a more pronounced effect. Water treatments are also an effective way to combat insomnia. Yet they are not salvation from all troubles. Before proceeding with the elimination of sleep disturbance with the help of water procedures, a specialist consultation is required.  

Water treatments are different ways of using water to heal the body. These include showering, swimming, dousing, and bathing. The use of water treatments in the treatment or prevention of diseases is called hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy is the external use of water for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. The variety of types of water procedures allows you to choose for each individual method of treating insomnia, taking into account the functionality and health status.

Hydrotherapy is widely used for hardening the body, as well as in the treatment of certain diseases. So, procedures with cold water are prescribed for certain disorders of the functions of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, to increase metabolism, for example, with obesity. Warm water with the addition of herbs is used in the treatment of insomnia; hot baths with mint and chamomile are especially effective.

Swimming is one of the effective and affordable treatments for insomnia. One hour of vigorous swimming or a warm, relaxing bath can successfully replace medication for insomnia. Away with sleeping pills and antidepressants!   

However, it should be remembered that the main irritant in hydrotherapy is the temperature of the water. Also remember to achieve a favorable reaction of your body, it is necessary to develop the correct dosage of water procedures. Observe moderation, water has a calming effect on us, but the duration of the procedures causes fatigue and weakness. In some cases, these phenomena do not contribute to rapid falling asleep.

A very good soothing remedy for sleep disturbances is taking nutty and herbal warm baths. Warm water with herbal supplements has a calming effect on the nervous system and helps to improve the quality of sleep.

Remember, medicinal baths are prescribed only by a doctor. They are used, as a rule, under the supervision of a specialist. Using medicinal baths on your own without a doctor’s recommendation can be harmful.

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