Lighting is of great hygienic importance in eliminating sleep disturbances. Adequate lighting creates favorable conditions for sound and restful sleep. It is important not only to light or dim the lights in the bedroom, but to create a calm environment conducive to complete relaxation.

Room lighting can be natural, artificial and mixed. Naturally, we use artificial lighting at night. Therefore, it is important to take into account that the lighting does not create additional strain on the eyes.

General lighting and combined lighting are usually used in a sleeping room. General lighting, in which the light is distributed evenly, is traditionally installed on the ceiling. Combined lighting is provided by local lamps. It contributes to the rational lighting of the room. The power of lamps in general lighting fixtures is determined at the rate of 1-15 VM per 1 ? area of ​​the room. The lighting is set according to individual habits, taste and requirements.    

Inadequate lighting creates discomfort, distress and eye strain. Usually, artificial lighting is installed directly next to the bed so that the light from it falls from the front on the left side, then the shadow from the hand while reading will not be annoying.

Many children are afraid of the dark or the dance of shadows on the walls and ceiling keeps them awake. In such cases, do not require a complete shutdown of the light. You can leave on a small lamp with a dim light bulb. Better yet, purchase children’s night lights, which, when turned on, serve up the shadows of colorful fish or funny animals.

The correct lighting of the bedroom, regardless of the time of day or other factors, is achieved taking into account natural and electric lighting, as well as taking into account individual habits and character of the person.

Optimal illumination is created taking into account the color of the walls and ceiling of the room. The light color of the walls and ceiling enhances the illumination of the room, because light falling on a light surface is reflected many times. The aura of the bedroom should promote complete peace and intimacy. This is best achieved with dim light and variegated colors of wallpaper and other objects in the room. Don’t forget to clean your bedroom windows regularly, too.

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