The easiest way to deal with insomnia. What will help to fall asleep quickly?

In today’s world, insomnia has become a real epidemic. Millions of people, despite the fact that they work and stay awake all day, wander in bed without sleep all night, sleep in fits and starts or wake up long before the alarm rings. The main cause of insomnia is chronic overwork, stress and depression. Therefore, most often people who work hard and do not have the opportunity to fully relax suffer from insomnia. Their life is oversaturated with information and problems that they need to solve.  

It is good if insomnia is a short-term phenomenon. For example, when a person cannot fall asleep all night, pondering unfinished business for the day and unresolved issues, and as these problems are eliminated, his sleep will normalize. However, often insomnia becomes a constant ailment, and a person, no matter how hard he tries, no matter how many sheep are counted every night, still cannot fall asleep and feels completely rested in the morning.  

There are many ways that supposedly help to cope with insomnia. But recent studies by British scientists have shown that the most effective way is a simple trick that many people do in bed, not understanding why they are doing it themselves. The thing is, to relax our body must have a certain temperature. If it is even a little higher than necessary, then this is the cause of night wakefulness. Therefore, in order to fall asleep faster, the body needs to help cool off. 

To do this, you can just throw down the blanket, but to sleep without hiding for many people is already unacceptable. According to scientists, in order to get rid of excess body heat one does not need to sleep without a blanket at all, it is enough to put your foot out or just your foot out from under it, depending on the circumstances. The special vascular structure of the lower legs makes our feet an ideal candidate for normalizing body temperature and general relaxation of the body.  

Of course, the presented method is only suitable for the treatment of episodic insomnia , in which poor sleep is not a consequence of a serious illness or psychological disorder. People suffering from debilitating and prolonged insomnia, it is necessary to consult a doctor and carry out drug treatment. 

However, it is necessary to take medications for insomnia only in advanced cases, and for those who just want to forget about day care and fall asleep faster, we recommend taking infusions of herbs. They are prepared as follows:  

1. Infusion of motherwort . Motherwort infusion is the best way to normalize sleep. It has a calming effect and is prepared from shredded flowers and leaves. Put two tablespoons of chopped herbs in a thermos, fill with two glasses of boiling water and let it brew for 3 hours. Then strain the infusion, and take it 30 minutes before bedtime in the amount of 0.5 cup. 

2. Infusion of valerian . Put two tablespoons of dry shredded valerian roots in a thermos and fill with two glasses of boiling water. After 3 hours, strain the infusion through a fine sieve and let cool to room temperature. It is necessary to drink the infusion before bedtime in the amount of 0.5 – 1 glass, depending on weight. Valerian tincture can also be bought at a pharmacy, but it must be taken strictly following the recommendations specified in the instructions. An overdose of valerian gives the opposite effect: a person is overexcited and can not fall asleep at all. 

3. Tincture of wormwood . Wormwood helps with insomnia. It is better to insist it also in a thermos for about three hours, and as a raw material you can use both wormwood roots, leaves and flowers. Drinking an infusion of wormwood is recommended with a small amount of honey, so that it is more pleasant to take it. 

4. Tea from dill . Dill is rich in essential oils, which help relieve nervous tension, improve digestion and sleep. Tea from dill is very simple to prepare: put in a thermos one tablespoon of chopped fresh dill, pour it with two glasses of boiling water and after three hours strain the infusion through a sieve. If there is no fresh dill, you can use two teaspoons of dried grass or chopped seeds. Drink dill tea one glass at night. 

To accelerate the onset of sleep , it is useful to take a bath in the evening, adding decoctions of herbs – marigold, oregano, lemon balm, chamomile or pine needles. It is better to take a bath before bedtime, while the water temperature should not be higher than 37-38 degrees. Lying in a fragrant bath is enough 10-20 minutes. This time is enough to relieve stress and fall asleep faster. 

And of course, the most effective way to deal with insomnia is to stop taking everything to heart. Indeed, insomnia is the result of constant worries, therefore, most often it torments people over 40 years old. Problems at work and in the family do not give them the opportunity to fully relax. Before going to bed, try to escape from daily worries and unresolved issues. Tell yourself: “morning is wiser than the evening, I will think about it tomorrow.” Try to understand that not a single little thing in life can be compared to having good health, which directly depends on how well you rested during the night. A healthy person is able to solve any complex problems in life.  

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