Snoring medicine

A person suffering from snoring is often embarrassed by this feature. For many, snoring becomes a serious psychological and physical problem, especially if it is necessary to sleep surrounded by unfamiliar or completely unfamiliar people, for example, while traveling by train or plane. In order to help snorers and improve the lives of their loved ones, medicine offers a large number of remedies and medicines for snoring. 

What are the remedies for snoring? These are pharmacological preparations, and intraoral devices, and electrical impulse devices of stimulating action, and recipes of traditional medicine. Let’s try to understand this variety. Aerosol medicines for snoring  

Today in pharmacies you can find a variety of drugs for snoring: Asonor, Silence, Doctor Sleep ex. All of these aerosols are not drugs, but dietary supplements. This means that there is no objective evidence of their effectiveness. Nevertheless, the composition of these funds includes essential oils and other components, which, due to their softening effect on mucous membranes, can eliminate such frequent phenomena for a snoring person as dry nose, sore throat and hoarseness.  

Aerosol Asonor is a classic example of a snoring supplement. It contains glycerin (85%) and polysorbate, which have a softening effect, and sodium edetate, a complexing agent. Purified water is used as a solvent. Asonor’s safety allows the drug to be used even by children and pregnant women. According to the instructions, this anti-snoring medicine is not absorbed into the bloodstream and does not have a systemic effect.

One in four people with snoring suffers from allergic rhinitis. The disease is accompanied by nasal congestion and runny nose. An aerosol from snoring with glucocorticosteroids will help to cope with this problem. An example of such a drug is Nasonex (mometasone).  

Rhinitis is not the only indication for the use of this aerosol. Nasonex (Nasonex) – a good medicine for snoring with adenoids and enlarged palatine tonsils (chronic tonsillitis). Mometasone has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect, and therefore anti-snoring drugs based on it are the first line in the treatment of many patients. For the treatment of snoring, the drug is used intermittently for 1-3 months.     

Anti-snoring pills

A good safe herbal medicine is the SnoreStop inhaler or snoring tablets. Snorstop is a homeopathic remedy with several active ingredients: two- spike ephedra, belladonna, canadian yellow root, true Dubrovnik, emetic chilibuha, as well as histamine and potassium dichromate. 

The tablets are indicated for snoring, the causes of which are not nasal polyps, a deviated nasal septum, the use of sleeping pills and alcohol. The drug is not used for snoring complicated by obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (pauses in breathing during sleep lasting more than 10 seconds).      

Clinical example Patient T., 39 years old. Snored for 6 years. I tried to fight snoring with special sprays and pills, but this did not help. In an attempt to solve the problem, he radically turned to surgical treatment, but this also did not bring results. 

After that, the patient came for a consultation with a somnologist at the Sleep Medicine Center at the Rehabilitation Clinic in Khamovniki Specialists examined the patient and came to the conclusion that the cause of snoring lies in the weakening of the tone of the airways during sleep, smoking and excess weight. The patient did not need to carry out the operation, therefore it did not give an effect, and the medications did not help because their effect is rather weak.    

The patient began to use a special intraoral applicator, lost 8 kg, began to try to smoke less (reduced the number of cigarettes to 1-2 cigarettes per day, in the future he intends to quit altogether). Snoring no longer bothers him.

Home remedies for snoring

Traditional medicine offers many recipes for snoring cures. For its treatment, phytoseeds can be used, which have a tonic effect (restore the tone of the muscles of the pharynx), as well as herbs that reduce nasal congestion. Instilling glycerin or vegetable oil in the nose can relieve dryness in the nose and reduce trauma to the tissues of the nasopharynx during snoring.

Another folk remedy is purified sea water, which is recommended to be instilled into each nostril before bed. There are drugs for snoring and runny nose based on sea water – for example, Aquamaris nasal drops, which are approved for use by children from the first months of life with rhinitis.
Intraoral snoring devices

Unfortunately, the causes of snoring are so diverse that it is impossible to eliminate them all with just the use of drugs. Those people who have tried folk and pharmacological remedies to no avail can find a solution to their problem in the use of intraoral devices.  

One such device that has a good effect on snoring is Extra ENT. You can buy it at any pharmacy. Extra ENT is inserted into the mouth like a baby pacifier. While in the mouth, it presses lightly on the tongue, which causes a reflex forward extension of the tongue and an increase in the tone of the pharyngeal walls. All this leads to an increase in the lumen of the pharynx, a decrease in vibrations of its walls during breathing and, as a result, an improvement in the situation with snoring. 

The manufacturer Extra ENT indicates that the use of an anti-snoring device for several weeks leads to the fact that, even falling asleep without an intraoral device, a person stops snoring, or the snoring becomes less loud and frequent. The use of drugs for snoring is not a panacea and a guarantee that it will disappear. Often, it is only a symptom of a more formidable condition – obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, in which anti-snoring devices and snoring medications can be simply harmful.

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