Sleeping pills for pregnant women

Hypnotic for pregnant women, almost every woman who is waiting for the birth of her baby is needed. What means during this period should be taken must be decided together with your doctor in order not to harm the child. In most cases, a woman can be tormented not only by situational, but also by chronic insomnia, which is directly dependent on the natural processes of body restructuring.

Soothing and sleeping pills for pregnant and lactating

Important! Remedies for insomnia Especially needed in the first trimester. In most cases, starting already from 4 months of pregnancy a normal sleep comes to a woman, which was inherent in her in ordinary life. And the most difficult period is the last three months of the pregnancy, when sleep may disappear completely. 3 trimester is characterized by strong hormonal surges, stress and anticipation of the upcoming birth.

In pregnant women and nursing mothers, insomnia is manifested against a background of various psychological and physiological causes. Many future mothers are prevented from sleeping by such problems as the frequent and painful stirring of the baby in the stomach, frequent urination, a large stomach, which does not allow one to choose the most comfortable position for sleeping.   Among the main causes of sleep disorders include physiological features, including:

  • in the last trimester, the abdomen size increases dramatically, which makes it difficult to choose a sleeping position and forces the woman to almost always sleep on her back;
  • painful and convulsive sensations often become frequent guests of a pregnant woman, most often tormented by severe pains in the back, lower back and abdomen. Cramps can occur in a lying position, especially in the area of ​​the legs;
  • the movement of the fetus certainly leads to frequent nighttime awakenings, after which it is difficult for the woman to fall asleep;
  • insomnia can provoke urination disorders, since the fetus is heavily pressing on the bladder, the girl is forced to stand up to the toilet several times a night;
  • Heartburn often prevents breastfeeding women, which can begin during of pregnancy   and continue long after the last birth;
  • pregnant and lactating mothers equally feel itching in the abdomen, stretching the skin leads to a constant allergic reaction in this area;
  • sedatives   will help reduce shortness of breath in women, which occurs as a result of an increase in body weight, as well as strong fetal pressure on the uterus and lungs

Any of these causes will be enough to provoke a sleep disturbance. If psychological problems are also added to them, then pregnancy and sleep can be many times more difficult. Psychological reasons include chronic fatigue, frequent nightmares, nervous exertion, fear of childbirth or for an already born baby, as well as fear of the coming changes in life. In this case sedatives will help to remove the main symptoms and fears of mom.

Which can not be pregnant and lactating and why. Possible side effects and risks

Even if a woman has become accustomed for a long time to fall asleep from   hypnotics, then upon the occurrence of pregnancy and lactation, a recommendation from a doctor about the safety of taking such funds is obligatory. Even one hundred percent natural medicines can cause the risk of losing milk or an undesirable consequence for the fetus. Lactation and the state of breast milk can have a negative effect on various herbal preparations, for example, which include mint or lemon balm.

It is not recommended for pregnant women to use sedatives and sleeping pills, which belong to the class of histamine receptor blockers, drugs of different chemical structure, sedatives.   antidepressants   and hypnotic drugs. This also includes natural tinctures, which are made on the basis of alcohol. A nursing mother should also refuse or minimize the intake of such drugs to take care of the quality of milk for the baby. Feed is allowed no earlier than 8-10 hours after taking the pill.

A number of sedatives and carotid drugs from the above classes of drugs carry certain risks for the future fetus, and also have a negative effect on the qualitative composition of breast milk of a woman.  Often there are side effects from taking such drugs, among the main ones of which are the following:

  • being pregnant in women can occur frequent bouts of dizziness;
  • dry mouth;
  • increased daytime   drowsiness;
  • headaches   and nausea;
  • pain in the abdomen and chest;
  • allergic reactions;
  • blurred vision and blurring of consciousness

What can be pregnant and nursing?

Pregnant women and lactating mothers are advised to take the following sleeping pills, which are made entirely from natural ingredients. Their formulations have a sedative and sedative effect.   Each of these means has its own advantages and disadvantages; you need to clarify in advance the contraindications to taking these drugs:

Motherwort helps insomnia during pregnancy, except that it is allowed to breastfeed a small child with it. Reviews of women say about its good sedative effect, so that sleep becomes longer and lighter. It has no side effects, as a contraindication can be distinguished high blood pressure. Its pharmacological action is similar to valerian.

Valerian does well with insomnia during pregnancy and lactation. Contraindications include the first trimester of pregnancy, fructose intolerance, and childhood. Of the possible side effects may be a violation of the chair, a decrease in the desire to work, a weakening in the work of muscle tissue and lethargy. In general, reviews of the drug claim to have a positive effect on sleep.

Glycine belongs to the group of metabolic drugs. Among the advantages are improved mood, ease of falling asleep, normalization of sleep and increased mental performance. Reviews claim that it is possible to rely on Glycine only with rare manifestations of sleep disturbances, which are caused by fatigue and overstrain. A fairly light drug has no contraindications and side effects.

Magne B-6, is included in the list of necessary funds for all people at any age, since magnesium and vitamin B6 are responsible for a number of important processes in the body, especially during the formation of the fetus and breastfeeding of the baby. Among the side effects in pregnant women may be skin problems, such as rashes, as well as allergic reactions on the body. Reviews of women show its effectiveness from a long course of treatment, after which there is a normalization of sleep and natural sleep.

Features of the reception and alternative to sleeping pills

  1. Attention! In no case can not independently select and take sleeping pills, even if it seems to you completely safe. Only a doctor can decide which drug will be optimally transferred by you, with benefits for sleep and without harm to the future baby.
  2. Categorical is not recommended to take sleeping pills in the first 3 months of pregnancy, since it is during this period that the future fetus is formed. In addition, it is necessary to abandon the pharmacy and nursing mother, because the milk for the baby is very sensitive to various components.
  3. The basic rules of conduct during pregnancy, which also help and successfully get pregnant:
  4. Fatigue that accumulates with each new day leads to chronic sleep deprivation and sleep disturbance. During this period, it is important to avoid any stresses, tensions and anxieties.
  5. It is worth while to give up daytime sleep to increase the need for sleep by late evening.
  6. If nightmares are constantly dreaming, then there is no need to keep them to yourself, it is better to share them with your loved ones. This will allow you to quickly forget about them and not be alone with them.
  7. During the day, be sure to find at least a short period of time for simple physical exercises, walking in the fresh air or practicing yoga. Doctors recommend swimming, in many pools there are specialaqua aerobics programs for pregnant women and new mothers.

Two hours before bedtime, it is necessary to prepare for the night and to establish sleep hygiene. It consists in a number of activities that must be fully observed:

  • like all people, pregnant women should not get enough of the night, the last intake of heavy food should be 3 hours before the expected sleep;
  • in the evening it is not worth doing things that require physical or mental tension;
  • you shouldn’t sort things out for the night, swear, and also watch unpleasant films like horror and action films;
  • when taking a bath, you can include the use of aromatherapy, for example, with a drop of lavender oil. It can also be used in bed during sleep;
  • You can sign up for a relaxing massage in the evening, as well as ask your loved ones to do a gentle full body massage. This will especially help to fall asleep after a warm bath and aromatherapy;
  • folk remedies recommend before going to bed to drink a cup of warm milk, in which you can add a little cinnamon or honey to taste. In addition, a decoction of chamomile with its sedative, calming effect will help.

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