Sleep medication for dementia

Senile dementia is a rather complex pathological condition in which the psyche and performance of the nervous system of an elderly person is disturbed. The memory, speech and behavior of a person changes, but he is not aware of this, which greatly complicates the process of treatment.

Dementia is a serious mental disorder in older people. The development of the disease in most cases is diagnosed in the presence of a hereditary predisposition. If a person is diagnosed with vascular disease, this greatly increases the risk of developing the disease. The pathological process can develop after injuries or diseases of an infectious nature.

With senile dementia, the occurrence of the corresponding symptoms is observed, which provides the possibility of its timely detection. In the course of the disease the patient is reduced intellectual abilities, and also memory deteriorates. Most patients lose their existing knowledge and skills.

Patients with dementia impaired coordination of movements. A person can not fully navigate in time and space. Enough frequent symptom pathology is insomnia. During the course of dementia, a person’s behavior changes. Late treatment of the disease can lead to dementia.

Senile dementia has characteristic signs. When the first symptoms of pathology appear, a person needs to consult a doctor, who after an examination can prescribe adequate treatment.

How to help with insomnia dementia patient

In dementia patients are often diagnosed with emotionally disturbances. This leads to the development of insomnia, which requires their timely treatment. The appearance of behavioral and emotional disorders is observed with a moderate form of the pathological condition.

If the patient has pronounced depressive disorders, then he needs to be given sedatives and antidepressants. The duration of treatment is directly affected by the severity of the depressive state.

In most cases, the duration of treatment is six months. Antidepressants have a cumulative effect. That is why their first effect is observed after several weeks after the first dose.

IMPORTANT! Self-admission of these drugs is strictly prohibited, as they are characterized by the presence of the opposite effect.

Occurrence   clinical depression   may occur for a variety of reasons. The patient must remember that if the pathological condition is not properly treated, a worsening of the condition may be observed.

Patients are advised to take sedative and sleeping pills actions. They are effective tranquilizers. In most cases, patients are assigned Diazepam or Phenazepam. Prescription drugs is in extremely rare cases, as they can lead to increased excitation. It is best to conduct therapy with drugs that are of plant origin.

What should not be given?

Selection of drugs for dementia should be carried out only by a doctor, which will eliminate the possibility of undesirable effects. Patients are extremely discouraged taking medications that reduce concentration of attention, as well as negatively displayed on the memory.

Drug List

There is a huge amount of medicine for treating dementia. Most often, patients are given an appointment:

  • Antidepressants – Citalopram, Chlorprothixen, Fluoxetine;
  • Sedatives – motherwort, valeriana, etc.;
  • Neuroleptics – Olanzapine, Risperidone, Haloperidol etc.

Treatment of dementia in the later stages requires the use of appropriate medications. The patient must be constantly examined by a neurologist, who, if the need arises, will carry out correction of treatment.

If a patient is diagnosing insomnia, then he must take hypnotic Zopiclone for dementia. The choice of a specific medication should be carried out only by a doctor, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient.

Alternative ways to improve sleep

In the elderly, the use of most drugs is strictly prohibited. They can also lead to a variety of undesirable effects. That is why it is recommended to take safer drugs. In this case, traditional medicine products are quite effective.

In most cases, experts recommend using   aromatherapy. Due to this procedure, aromatic substances affect the human body. For carrying out manipulations essential oils medicinal plants. When warming up, evaporation of essential oils is observed, which are inhaled by the patient. Thanks to these substances, the patient calms down and falls asleep. That is why aromatherapy is indicated before going to bed.

Essential oils can be used to add to baths. Also, drugs can be applied to the skin in a small amount. The use of essential aromatic oils is often used for massage. Aromatic oils are characterized by the presence of a stimulating effect.

The main rule of this method of treatment is the correct selection   essential oil. Its smell should be pleasant to the patient. When selecting the essential oil, it is necessary to ensure that the patient does not have allergic reactions.   With dementia, patients are advised to use the essential oils of such plants as:

  • Lavender;
  • Mint;

Thanks to these drugs, it is possible to remove excitement and nerve overstrain. These essential oils have sedative properties.

Treatment of dementia is often carried out using   acupuncture. It is the effect of needles on certain points. The manipulation is strictly prohibited for mental disorders. Acupuncture is not only a tonic and sedative effect, but also normalizes a person’s sleep. This method is highly effective during the period of treatment and rehabilitation of the patient.

Ethnoscience characterized by efficiency and safety. Despite this, a specialist consultation is recommended before applying a particular treatment method.

To ensure the rational treatment of patients, they need not only to take drugs, but also to adjust their lifestyle. During this period, there is not only the emergence of mental disorders, but also a worsening of mood and behavioral disturbances.

The disease is accompanied by paranoia, depression, aggression, apathy, fear, sleep disturbance, anxiety. This symptom is a kind of protective reaction of the body to mental disorders.

In most cases, to overcome the initial stages of the disease can be a method of correction of lifestyle. To this end, the patient must follow certain rules:

Old man   must walk daily in the fresh air. The duration of the walk must be at least 40 minutes.

Relatives and friends of the patient should do everything possible to preserve his hobby. If he likes to knit, embroider, read books, etc., then it is not recommended to quit these classes.

In order to develop fine motor skills and imagination, drawing is recommended for patients.

The patient should regularly listen to calm music.

For the development of memory and thinking, the patient was recommended to constantly solve puzzles and crosswords.

With dementia, psychotherapy is recommended, which will help to normalize a person’s sleep, as well as eliminate other symptoms of the disease.

The correct way of life of the patient is the key to successful treatment of the disease. That is why the patient is recommended to strictly adhere to the above rules.

Dementia is a severe pathological condition that is accompanied by mental impairment. Quite often, when a disease is observed, insomnia is observed, which complicates the process of treating a disease. That is why it is necessary to carry out its treatment in a timely manner. For this purpose, medications are used, which the doctor prescribes in accordance with the indications. Also, the patient with dementia is shown a lifestyle correction.

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