Sleep Disorders

The treatment of sleep disorders according to the traditional scheme involves the use of sleeping pills. If pathologies are in the nature of random phenomena, then the treatment of sleep disorders is based on the establishment and elimination of the root cause.

Often for the treatment of sleep disorders it is enough just to go to bed at the same time in comfortable conditions. In this case, you must be able to relax. Feet should be warm.

For the treatment of sleep disorders, many recommend walking in the fresh air, drinking water and sugar before bedtime. In addition, it will effectively relieve stress and relax a warm ten-minute bath with essential oils.

The use of sleeping pills is recommended as a last resort, since their use can lead to the development of addiction. At the same time, sleep disturbances can become chronic. As a rule, the above measures are sufficient in the treatment of sleep disorders caused by fatigue, stress or overwork.

Medicines for the treatment of sleep disorders in children are usually not used, since in many cases the use of sleeping pills can lead to the child becoming nervous and irritable. The use of drugs for sleep correction is reasonable only in extreme cases, for example, if the child is very painful.

In the case of sleep disorders in people aged and elderly people, the correction of disorders consists of several simple recommendations that are easy to follow:

– you must go to bed no later than the usual time for a person;

– sleep must be prepared at the moment when drowsiness begins to approach;

– the bed should be used only for night sleep;

– if you are worried about night awakenings, then do not rush about in bed, trying to sleep. It is better to leave the bedroom for a short while and then return when you want to sleep again.

– for violations of night sleep, it is recommended to cut back on daytime rest.

Treatment of chronic sleep disorders

If a person suffers from severe sleep disturbances, then there is a need to use more effective techniques that can be performed in an outpatient setting or in a hospital. Such methods for treating sleep disorders include exposure to a rhythmic sound, thermal and ultrasound effects. A lasting positive result is achieved by the electrosleep procedure.

All methods of treating sleep disorders are carried out in special conditions that contribute to falling asleep – the room should be quiet and almost dark. The patient is placed on a couch on his back, they turn on electricity, which is becoming more intense. The patient at this time experiences gentle shocks, lulling him to sleep. The current strength is determined by the patient’s health status.

Hypnotic drugs are used only as directed by your doctor. The use of sleeping pills is prescribed when:

– the patient suffers from short-term sleep disturbances not more than three consecutive weeks;

– in case of chronic sleep disturbance, when insomnia disturbs the patient several times a week.

In this case, sleeping pills are prescribed only in the minimum acceptable amount.

Hypnotic drugs include – barbiturates, the danger of using which is their strong toxicity, due to which their purpose should be extremely careful; benzodiazepines that establish normal sleep; antihistamine drugs that calm the central nervous system. Especially effective is the use of the latter in case sleep disturbances are caused by anxiety or overexertion.

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