Scientists have found that insomnia can cause back pain

A study by a group of scientists from the University of Haifa showed that adults suffering from insomnia are about one and a half times more likely to experience back pain.

During the study, experts took into account the presence of various influential factors, including lifestyle and socio-economic status of a person. As a result, they concluded that insomnia is a marker of an increased risk of back pain.

According to scientists, insomnia helps increase a person’s sensitivity to pain, and those who suffer from such sleep disorders are more likely to experience more intense spontaneous pain when compared with others.

Most likely, stress is involved here, as people with insomnia often describe their life as stressful. And they will certainly suffer from chronic anxiety, which leads to increased muscle tension and a decrease in the number of micro-pauses in muscle activity. As a result, severe back pain appears.

There may be some other biological factor, but it has not yet been established by researchers.

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