Prevention of insomnia

Almost everyone has sleepless nights. The causes of insomnia can vary. In this regard, several types of insomnia are distinguished. Occasional insomnia occurs due to stress, violation of the established daily routine. With occasional insomnia, sleep becomes intermittent, shallow, and restless.

Short-term insomnia is associated with temporary difficulties in work, family, wealth, disappointment in love, a painful condition. Sleep disturbances can last for several weeks. Chronic insomnia lasts for several months due to the use of alcohol, drugs, and prolonged illness. People who work on shift work, creative people, and simply unhappy individuals suffer mainly from insomnia.

There are categories of people who can sleep only four to five hours a day. Most people need eight to ten hours to get sound, healthy sleep. All famous people use their time outside of sleep for inventions, which in consequence can be useful for all of humanity. What is a problem for some becomes a blessing for others. Lack of sleep can cause irritability, lethargy, malaise, and distraction. Headache affects sleep, taking pills will help alleviate the condition.

It is recommended to avoid sleep deprivation and promote falling asleep, give up strong coffee at night, do not watch action films and horror films before going to bed, do not start a quarrel, do not do hard work, do not drink alcohol, do not eat smoked, salty, do not lie under loud music, not to solve complex problems and problems.

Prevention of insomnia

The prevention of insomnia is relaxation from stress at the end of the day. A good way to relieve anxiety is to walk from work to home and an hour before bed. During the day, it is necessary to analyze what caused the insomnia. A bad mood should be raised with the help of memories of joyful events. To solve the problem, you need to look for a way out. At night, it is better to ventilate the premises or sleep with an open window.

Bed linen, if possible, should be made natural, clean, beautiful and delicate. The bed should be facing east. The pillow and mattress must be firm. You can take a bath, read a book, get a massage, or have good sex. Herbal tea will calm and relax the body as a whole. Constant anxiety, a sharp change in mood, increased excitability can easily be eliminated by Valerian extract.

Anyone needs sleep. A healthy sleep restores psychophysiological reserves spent during the day. Premature awakening disrupts the natural recovery of internal strength. Insomnia can be inherited. It is not recommended to take sleeping pills often in order to avoid addiction and exceed the maximum permissible dose. Also, do not take antidepressants, which strongly activate the nervous system.

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