Most people don’t understand insomnia

Australian scientists from Monash University in Melbourne came to the conclusion that most of the advice that the “bed partners” are distributed to their relatives suffering from insomnia is erroneous and even harmful.

In the course of the study, more than 30 people, including 14 women, were interviewed on the topic of treating insomnia and promoting a joint partner.   to sleep   in this process.

It turned out that 74% of partners recommend that their closest intimates close to bed go to bed early or get up late, which is contrary to the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. 42% of caring citizens also offer to read in bed and watch TV, while 35% are sure that the best  medication   from insomnia – a daytime sleep, coffee, or a decrease in daily activities. That is, exactly what experts in the field of sleep categorically deny.

“Often, partners in joint sleep with their actions and advice only increase the manifestations of insomnia in patients,” explains project coordinator Alix Mellor (Alix Mellor).

An interesting point: the people themselves, anxious about the dream of another person, suffer from increased anxiety about this, especially if the bad dream of another affects their work and lifestyle. At the same time, patients with insomnia experience a feeling of support from them, even if the advice did not lead to anything good.

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