Methods of dealing with insomnia. Practical advice and tips

If you sleep badly at night, during the day it is almost impossible to concentrate on daily activities. Insomnia causes nervousness, fatigue, headache. Therefore, people have come up with many ways to get rid of such problems as insomnia. What to do, experts explain.

How to sleep without sedation?

There are various methods of dealing with insomnia. Many prefer to drink sleeping pills or sedatives. However, these drugs always have side effects and contraindications. At first, it is better to try time-tested tools.

The music of Mozart. It is believed that the classic melodies soothe and pacify. They relieve nervousness, stabilize blood pressure and normalize the pulse. If this genre does not suit, any calm music will do. The sounds of nature also work well (for example, the sound of the sea and the cry of seagulls).

Exercise, walking, active lifestyle lead to the fact that in the evening a person just falls on the bed and instantly falls asleep.

Proper nutrition. No need to overeat at night. Going to bed on an empty stomach, of course, is also not worth it. But in the late evening it is better to use only fruits, vegetables or kefir.
A glass of warm milk. An old and proven tool. It has, rather, a psychological impact, but the effectiveness of this method has been proven by many generations.

Bath with salt or pine extract. Through this procedure, you can relieve tension and get rid of stress. After 15 minutes in warm water, insomnia will subside.

Walk before bedtime. This method is only suitable for the warm season. Fresh air will work much better than any sleeping pill.

You should not exhaust the body with excessive loads, otherwise health problems will be added to insomnia. Enough daily runs and gymnastics.

Fighting insomnia with the help of folk remedies

You can fight insomnia with the help of folk remedies. Various tinctures and decoctions were popular many centuries ago, however some methods are still used.

You need to mix honey and lemon juice in equal proportions. The resulting mass should be consumed before bedtime in small quantities. You can drink it with tea.

Mint has a calming effect, relaxes and relieves spasms. A tablespoon of leaves is necessary to pour one glass of boiling water, then you have to wait 20 minutes. This tool should be drunk before bedtime.

To get rid of insomnia, mint can simply be added to tea.

It is necessary to pour boiling water over the raspberry berries and let it brew for about 20 minutes. After that, add a tablespoon of honey to the drink. Drink need before bedtime.

From the leaves of oregano need to brew tea and take it every evening. This remedy has a therapeutic effect and soothes perfectly.

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